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Language Apps
By SUJAIN THOMAS 680 views

What Language Apps To Use If You Want to Learn Basic Russian for Free

Like any other language, Russian can be simple for some people (not including Russians) and difficult for others who want to learn. It all depends on where you’re coming from. When it comes to the difference between English and Russian, it can get a bit complex to master the basic words and phrases this Slavic language uses.

Some language apps can help you to learn Serbian. Some of you interested in learning Russian will take lessons, but not everybody can afford them – I included. To be honest, it’s more a problem of having the time to do it.

This made me search for apps that might help you learn basic Russian for anything you need. Maybe you plan to travel or maybe you have a Russian friend with whom you’d like to exchange a couple of words. Either way, I present you with my personal pick for the best Russian learning apps.

Learn Russian

Although I can imagine some of you getting turned off by the simple app name, I found it to be quite a useful app. You get 9 different ways to learn with the apps including various challenges and games. They are all quick and simple, ensuring you don’t waste too much time on stuff you don’t want. Surprisingly, the app is quite entertaining all around with great image-to-word connection games and quizzes. Although you won’t learn to completely speak Russian, it can definitely serve as a nice start.

 But, the app’s advantage might also be its disadvantage. The quick-paced learning system might make it hard for some of you to really remember words so don’t get discouraged in case you need to repeat a lesson or two. That’s actually where I find the entertainment aspect most helpful. Since the games are somewhat fun, it won’t bore you to repeat some of them if you really need to.


I’ve heard of Drops before as I have a friend who uses it to learn Spanish but I never got the chance to actually use it. So I thought why not for the sake of this article? The first thing you’ll notice is the design which is well-polished. Although this doesn’t help with learning directly, I think it does help on a more subconscious level. But the main thing I like about this one isn’t a specific feature, but the overall app design. I can’t say Drops comes with any “revolutionary” features, but what it does have, is rock solid. Also, in case you want to learn the Russian alphabet as well, Drops has it.

Similar to the first app, Drops focuses on short, small-bite lessons. It seems that’s the current trend when it comes to learning in general. I did hope this one will have a bit longer lessons, but again, it’s good either way.


For HelloTalk, I was quite surprised I didn’t hear of it before as it seems to be quite a famous app – better late than never I guess. Unlike Drops, this one uses innovative features as a way to reach users. Instead of quick lessons like with the first two, HelloTalk connects you with actual people from a specific country. If you’re learning Russian it will connect you with Russians, if you’re learning Spanish, then with people from Spain and so on. I guess the idea is to learn by actively speaking to people and although I felt a bit uncomfortable at first after I got used to it, I found myself enjoying the conversations. If you feel shy, don’t worry, you can chat via texting as well.

The thing I’d like to point out is that HelloTalk might not be the best choice if you’re a complete beginner. I suggest you spend some time learning the basics before you start using this one, trust me, it will pay off. But if you already know some Russian, then definitely go with this one.


Thanks for reading my review of my personal top 3 apps for learning Russian. Just in case you don’t like either of them, I’ll include the link to an app sorting website I used to find the apps below.

The List of Useful Apps For Learning Russian by AppGrooves

Unlike Google Play and App Store, it tries to sort all kinds of apps so it’s much easier to actually find them. So if you need a different app to learn Russian, check it out there. You might find what you’re looking for a bit faster.

Sujain Thomas

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