Landing your first job after college is a huge source of joy and pride. However, as time goes by, you realize that working for someone else is not the best of labor arrangements. Namely, the wish to be your own boss is innate so it is only a question of time when you’ll start your own business.

In fact, you might be so much drawn by entrepreneurship that you will be willing to change professions. If this is the case, here are the 6 top careers in which you have no one to supervise you. 

A sales manager

The financial sector, along with the marketing industry, is a lucrative industry. However, the post of a bank teller and similar jobs offer little room for advancement. So you might want to become a sales manager if you hold an undergraduate diploma from any faculty of economics. 

A sales manager is not to be confused with a traveling sales agent, although the post does involve an occasional trip to another region. However, the main task is simple: to sell more. To achieve this goal, you’ll need to assemble and manage a sales team, adding the extra perk of being a superior as well as an entrepreneur.

A fitness instructor

Most gyms offer group classes, such as Zumba, Pilates, and yoga. In order to run these programs every week, gyms employ regular workers that also help individual bodybuilders. However, personal fitness instructors work in gyms, as well but they are fully independent.

They might be contracted by the gym in some cases but most of the time they have their own clients. The gym is merely the location where the service of training is provided. The career of a fitness instructor allows you to choose the people you work (out) with and make your own schedule.

A freelance writer

It doesn’t take much formal education to become a writer, although in most cases these people are (foreign) language teachers. The main prerequisite to becoming a writer is to have sufficient talent. You needn’t be the next Hemingway but you should be able to excel at the topics you write about.

There are numerous topics a writer can write about, from fiction writers who create novels or poems, all the way to a copywriter versed in marketing slogans. Once you decide you’ll try your luck as a writer, start writing blogs and other online content. Once you learn the ropes, you can expand your profession into programming by familiarizing yourself with platforms like WordPress.

A heavy truck or bus driver

Most people learn how to drive a passenger car at a fairly young age, while in their teens or twenties. Whether they remain active drivers or not, the skill they attained remains pretty much unused. In, reality if you know how to drive a car safely, then you won’t have much trouble learning to drive a truck or a bus.

All you need is a heavy vehicle driving licence that will enable you to legally sit behind the wheel of a heavy vehicle. The best thing about becoming a trucker is the fact that you get to be your own boss. Instead of getting hired by a shipping company, you can found your own transport company and ship cargos across the continent on your own terms.

A real estate agent

If the prospect of earning seven figures annually seems alluring, then consider becoming a real estate. You need the same level of savviness as the aforementioned sales manager and at least a high school diploma.

The reason why realtors can expect huge turnovers is because they work on commission. The higher the final agreed prices, the higher the agent’s profit. Furthermore, the more properties you get listed, the greater the likelihood of getting a higher overall commission.

Contrary to popular belief, real estate agents don’t rely solely on houses and apartments for profit. Farms, sheds, garages, plots of land, farms, etc. make it possible for a realtor to winter out the periods when property prices go down. Add rent commissions to the picture and you get a profession in which you can make a fortune if you’re savvy enough.

A beautician

Although a beauty salon appears to be a single organizational unit, beauticians actually buy their place inside. Your hairdresser, esthetician, or nail technician are actually self-employed and they are independent contractors working inside (not for) a beautify salon.

Since you would only rent a spot, booth, or a table in a salon, you’d get the opportunity to set your own work hours, prices, and choose the clientele. If you become a proficient beautician over time, opportunities in the theater, film, and advertising will open for you, as the fees are higher in these industries.

The 6 careers listed here are professional avenues nearly all individuals can purse. The best thing about these professions is not merely the ability to earn a lot of money, but the spatial and temporal freedom you get when you become your own boss.

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