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types of water damage
By RYAN HOLMAN 2,120 views

Types Of Water Damage New York Houses Face And Its Solutions

Water damages may occur anytime with or without you being aware of it. People usually come to know of it when they notice a wet floor, ceiling or furniture. It is not their fault as the reasons for it are accidental or natural.

There are three major types of water damages which are clear water damage, sewage water damage, and water damage with health risk.

  • Clear Water Damage: Clearwater damage is when you accidentally leave a tap open or something breaks while you are away from home and fills the place up. It can do a lot of damage to the property and take time for things to get back to as they were. Things take time to dry and begin to smell different after staying submerged in water.
  • Sewage Water Damage: This type of damage occurs when there is a leakage in the drainage pipe, the toilet gets jammed or broken. It is necessary to get the drains cleaned every couple of months to avoid such problems. It would make place smelly and disgusting, to say the least. It is better to water damage restoration team as professional can help resolve it properly and prevent any health risks due to the germs and other contaminants.
  • Water Damage With Health Risk: This is when the place has been old and the water kept leaking but no one cared. In such cases, mold starts growing which can be really harmful to person health-wise. It can destroy the place and furniture in it slowly.

Tips To Avoid Water Damage New York: 

  • Give proper attention to water-leaks and plumbing problems to avoid major damages.
  • Maintain proper drainage system by following the basic things and using drain cleaners available easily at stores.
  • Get the pipes changed when are aged to ensure leaks don’t occur often.
  • If you ever notice a mold, scrub it off instantly using detergent and water.
  • Check for debris and take preventive measure for it.
  • Check pumps regularly as they also require maintenance at least once a year.

Benefits Of Getting Water Restoration Done

It is better and safer to hire water damage professionals soon if there is a problem to avoid the situation from getting worse. The professional can help control the water damage faster and in the right way to avoid any health dangers or property damage. There are numerous advantages of getting water damage restoration done by professionals like a quick response, mold prevention, damage control, and others.

  • Quick Response– The water damage New York and water damage Brooklyn service providers are quick to respond to such problems. It would mean that they would get the water out of the house quicker and prevent it from damaging the place further. It would also result in the quick drying of the place and clean up to make it normal again. It can take a long time for people with no professional knowledge to clean the place which would result in problems and damages.
  • Mold Prevention –It is one of the biggest challenges that a home would face after such problems. The mold is considered to be toxic which means it is dangerous for a person to clean it himself or let it grow in the home. The professionals have safe solutions to get it done easily.
  • Damage Control– The advice from professionals can help you minimize the damage cost. They also prevent a lot of damage by cleaning up the place quickly.
  • Other Benefits – If the damage is caused due to a flood, professional water damage restoration can help with the claim process.

It is always better to hire professionals for such emergencies to avoid further damage and save time and money.

Ryan Holman

Ryan Holman working as a blogger for last 6+ years, Ryan would like to share his insight about various topics through his content.

  1. I wanted to thank you for helping me learn more about water damage. I didn’t know that to avoid water damage, you should try to scrub off any mold the instant you notice it. It sounds important to be able to identify mold especially if it could let you know what areas could have some kind of water damage.

  2. I teach in this space of mold and water damage restoration and you are totally correct when you say it is always better to hire an experienced professional. I cannot stress this enough. I have witnessed some horrible remediation “butcher jobs” by inexperienced contractors or home owners who do not have the knowledge nor equipment that is required to properly clean and remove mold and moisture from a dedicated infected area.