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Maxi Dress
By NIRMAL PATEL 1,398 views

To Wear A Maxi Dress Like A Pro!

Whether it’s winter or summer maxi dresses are a to-go outfit for every season. During summer, you can wear a strappy maxi dress and in winter you can layer the same dress by adding jackets.  Maxi dresses are not just for day looks, one can wear a maxi dress to an evening party or a wedding.

But how to style a maxi dress is very important. From shoes to accessories everything makes or breaks the look. So, here’s everything you need to know about styling a maxi dress.

  1. Shoes for Summer Maxi Dress:  Maxi dresses are just perfect for sunny days. They are breezy and comfortable. You can wear “Wedges”. Wedge heels are a good option for below the knee dresses. These are perfect for summer outings and can be worn from day to night. Beige colored wedges and a mini brown bag will be perfect to complete the look!
  2. Shoes for Boho Maxi Dress: Bohemian looks are an all-seasons trend. However, for every season you may need to style the dress differently. If you’re dressing for a summer boho look opt for flats or gladiators. Choose beige or tan colored footwear they are classic for a summertime boho look. Carry a mini sling bag and/or a hat and you’re all set to rock the boho look.
  3. Shoes for Winter Maxi Dress: It’s a wrong notion that maxi dresses are just for summer. Just layer the dress with a jacket or a shrug and you’re good-to-go. Wear dark color boots, ankle length or medium length preferred. You can go for long overcoats or denim jackets to complete the look.
  4. Shoes for Evening wear Maxi Dress: Wearing an evening maxi dress to a wedding is an excellent option. At the time of styling the wedding guest attire, wear stilettos and high heels preferably of the same color as the dress. If you do not wish an increase to your height, go for flat gladiators or 1-inch platform sandals. Do not forget to carry a clutch with minimal details.

What NOT to wear along with a Maxi Dress.

  1. Loafers: Loafers have a masculine feel to it. Maxi dresses are feminine, fun and care free. Wearing loafers with a maxi dress totally negates the feminine look.
  2. Closed Sandals: Maxi dresses cover most of your skin. Covering the toes as well is too much for the look. Always make sure that your dress length is just above the ankles so that your feet are visible. If going for a wedding look with a long dress make sure to get one with a slit to balance the look.
  3. Comfy Clogs: Clogs are just not right for your feminine dress as they don’t go hand in hand. Who would want to look uncanny after wearing the two together!
  4. Cross-trainers, walking or running shoes: Cross-trainers or running shoes are more of sportswear. They are against the carefree nature of your maxi dress. You can go for a clean white sneaker but the length of your dress shouldn’t be too long just as shown below.

Maxi dresses are everyone’s favorite. They are comfortable and requires lesser detailing when styling them. Next time you wear a maxi dress you have everything you need to know about how to style them like a pro.

Nirmal Patel