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Web Design in Marketing Campaigns
By PRATIPBISWAS 1,498 views

Web Design in Marketing Campaign: An Integral Part or Something to be Ignored?

Getting a site designed is a big deal. It is not only going to work as an online portal for the organization, but also work as an integral fragment of all retailing campaigns the company will run. And in such a scenario, is it really wise to choose a cheaply made site? 

Sure, getting a site done at an affordable price is the dream come true for many. But if that means sacrificing quality, then it is not beneficial at all. A cheaply made site is going to cost the business more than what is saved in the first place. And that’s why it is important to choose top-notch web design practices to ensure the success of the marketing strategy. And in order to drive this point home, here is a list of ways how a well-done website design can enhance the effect of the online marketing campaign.

For the success of the marketing campaign, brand identity design is more important than anything. And for perfect brand design, high-quality web design becomes necessary.  

Branding through web design is not simply the use of trendy colors, and interfaces. It is more than that. It is the subtle messages the site sends through its content, the transition effects, and the navigation. It is a necessary part of web design that needs a great amount of attention. And affordable web design more often sacrifices on this to make the process budget-friendly. So it will be wise to choose a high-quality web design process despite the budget constraints. 

  • SEO To Win The Market

There are two factors to keep in mind during the website redesign/design process. Firstly, a well-optimized website always appears on top of the page, attracting more than half of the traffic. So optimizing the website for better ranking will give it a better chance of converting the users.

Secondly, optimizing the site for search results is not simply about the page content. It is also about the device-compatibility of the site and how fast it is. Google gives better preferences to the sites that are usable across different devices and are fast to load. So always keep these factors in mind during the design process. 

  • Scalable UX That Converts

UX might not be one of the crucial elements of an effective marketing strategy, but it is still important for executing such campaigns. Let’s see how. 

Good user experience design on the site enhances the quality of the time the user spends browsing. It means that from the content to the navigation, everything will be optimized to make the visitor’s experience on the site smooth and disaster-free. And when the experience on the website turns out to be awesome, users will be more prone to convert into being a real client. At the end of the day, the marketing strategy may lure users to the website, but only UX can convert. And that’s why good quality web design is so important for the success of the marketing strategy.

  • Psychological Design That Compels

Just designing the website in compliance with the market trends and strategies is not good enough. Modern website design needs to appeal to the psychological side of the user’s thinking as well. And that’s why to convince the users with the marketing strategy, the website needs to follow the psychological rules and regulations as well. 

These rules can all range from color theory to Hick’s law, the use of negative space to the use of the rule of thirds. The various and appropriate use of psychological rules in web design can help to subtly win the user’s trust and convince them to convert into being a client, bringing in results for the marketing strategy.   

  • An Example Of Customer Service Quality

A well-executed responsive web design shows the users exactly how much the business cares about the users and their experience. Even if the marketing strategy is successful in bringing the potential customers on the website, they are going to turn around and leave if they are not impressed with the website. 

The design of the website reflects how the company treats its users. A well-designed website serves as the testament of good customer service. On the other hand, a badly designed website only shows that the company doesn’t care much for its users and clients. And users don’t care about companies that don’t care about them.

Wrapping Up: A Well-Designed Website Is More Important Than You Think It Is

At the end of the day, the website is not just the online representation of the business. It is more than that. It is the main interface from where the majority of the customers will begin their journey with the business. It is the online portal where the users will come to know the services the company will provide them with. And anything that hinders this “getting-to-know” process is going to be a major roadblock that prevents conversion. So ensure that the relationship between web design and marketing is strong enough, otherwise, the business will suffer.


I’m Eleanor Bailey, an avid writer. Currently, I am a part of Unified Infotech, a tech firm based out of NYC. My expertise lies in crafting tech-focused content, with a special interest in Web Design and Development, eCo

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