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Website Design Tools
By ANKIT ARYA 1,563 views

7 Best Free Website Design Tools in 2022

Web design is a methodology that uses a range of skills, from artistic to creative, to produce excellent results. It is also one of the most prominent graphic design services. Here we list the best free tools for web design that you can use when developing it from scratch or want to revamp your existing website design. 

These are the tools that are also used by graphic design agencies, hence, you can rest assured that they are highly effective. These tools won’t cost you anything and will allow you to incorporate all the unique design features you want to add when developing your website.


1. Infographics

Infographics are a great way to visually showcase your information with essential information, data, and information. Infogr. am is a wonderfully ideal program for creating infographics and includes several associated capabilities.

A limited amount of photos can also be uploaded to the website. They offer several premium programs in addition to the free option.

2. Canva

Canva is an amazing and effective creative marketing tool. It is also one of the most popular tools which are used by a graphic design agency to design faster because of its seamless UI. This comprehensive tool is heaven to meet all your website graphic and business needs. There are hundreds of possibilities accessible, along with features that give you excellent logos, social media pages, great designs, templates, and much more marketing material.

3. Displaying Presentations

Using a creative tool called Prezi, you can create impressive and engaging presentations. This includes a variety of ways to create aesthetically pleasing presentations to show your message and convey a strong statement power. There are several methods available for payment. If you have a free public account, people from anywhere can access and view your Prezi account, which is certainly an added advantage! Embedded video, charts, image editing, and more are other notables in this program.

4. Color Palette

ColorZilla and Colorlovers are the most popular devices with a huge fan following. You have so much to inspire with colors and patterns. They also offer a range of browser-based tools that you can use to create new designs in your works. RGB and hex both have color codes. ColorZilla supports graphic designers in every way they need. Both have a color gradient and many more complex tools. In fact, you can read colors, modify colors, and check the range of colors from any location using ColorZilla.

5. Making Logos

Logaster is an easy and fast way to create a logo online. Logos should be original and if you need a creative logo Logaster is an easy way to get things done quickly. This free application lets you create logos with online templates, even if you’re not a design expert. This ability certainly gives it a new advantage over others, and everyone can use this tool to create a logo. The website allows you to create a free account. Apart from a free account, it also offers high-quality and reasonable packages where you can save a lot of money instead of burning your pocket deciding on a logo as your business identity.

 6. Pixlr

It is a free internet-based photo editor for image enhancement and image editing and creation. You get to choose from a pool to finalize your photos and even create new images as you like. You can style the images so that they look the way you like.

You can choose from two options: Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express. There are also some good alternatives known as Omatic and Touch Up. All pictures, including layers and effects, can be fully controlled. You do not need to download anything in your browser and as long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to use it extensively for a great result.

7. Unsplash

If you want a website that offers truly free photography and illustrations, Unsplash is here. You can replace, distribute or use photos with it completely free of charge. This is a wonderful example of a gallery in which real people take pictures and 10 hand-picked photos are posted to the internet every 10 days.

Ankit Arya

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