When a Website is Hacked

It’s important for companies to know the exact steps that must be taken when a website is hacked by hackers. As technology advances, nowadays most companies have websites to sell or promote their services. Of course, this will also be followed by an increase in hacker attacks. If you become one of the victims of this attack, there are several steps you can take when the website is hacked by hackers.

  1. Recognize the problem

Once you know the website is hacked, you have to act quickly. The longer the hack is ignored, the more damage a hacker can make. The first thing you can do is identify the attack that was carried out on your website. Identify which systems are affected, check the IP address used to hack, identify the type of attack that originated from a virus, malware, unauthorized remote access, or arises because of your own staff error.

  1. Contact a professional IT team

Once you realize that a managed website has a problem, it is time to contact the IT team or external provider that you are using. Ask for help from IT professionals to protect your business and customer data stored in it. You can also request a total lock on the system until you know the problem occurred and the recovery period is complete.

  1. Perform recovery

You can ask the IT team for help to immediately recover. Prioritize cleaning and recovery of the most important components. If you have previously backed up data regularly, recovery can be done more quickly. To Recover the website you need to use the Cybersecurity tools. During the recovery period, you must also make changes to the password used on the website. Make sure that no system still uses a default password or passwords that are easy to guess.

  1. Improve the level of cybersecurity website

If you don’t want the website to be hacked again by hackers then you need to prioritize the website security system better. Increase your security awareness, find out how hacker attacks can occur and why your website is the target of attacks. You can also work closely with the IT security team to do routine penetration testing. Penetration testing (pentest) is a system testing to find out security holes in the system. By doing these tests, you can immediately patch on cracks / weak systems.

In addition, you must also inform staff to be more aware of cybersecurity because the website is hacked not only because of a system error but also the negligence of the user himself. Therefore, inform to be more careful when receiving emails, do not use passwords that are easy to guess, always update the device/software used, etc.

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