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Many past wedding trends are slowly fading and making way for a new wave and phase. As couples anticipating to have their weddings rework their plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic and safety concerns, weddings are beginning to change how they looked in the past, even as we approach 2021. Some of the ways weddings are going to look like in 2021 include:

  1. Most couples are going to choose simple weddings.

In 2021, it is expected that fewer couples are going to go all out in their wedding preparations compared to other years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has hard hit almost everyone, no one is certain about the future. Over the top weddings will not be experienced, and most couples will opt to go the simple way, as long as they have decent wedding rings from a reputable jewelry store and their marriage certificate, which are the most significant in a wedding.

  1. Couples are not asking for a lot of traditional registry items.

Since most couples began to live together during the COVID-19 pandemic and have essential household items, traditional registry gifts such as expensive dinner sets are no longer have use. Instead, couples are now requesting their guests to contribute towards their honeymoon. Or even donate to the couple’s favorite charity.

  1. Receiving lines are less common.

Having a lineup is the best way to speak to each guest and thank them for coming, but this tradition may be on its way out. COVID-19 has led to many couples opting to have a small lineup or no line up at all to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 and to minimize interaction. Also, rings can speed up the spread of the COVID-19 virus, hence the reason this practice is slowly fading away.

  1. Green and white florals are not as trendy as before.

The demand for green and white floral décor is slowly fading, even though they have been so popular over the past couple of years. Couples are now gravitating towards fall-like tones and warmer themes such as deep burgundy and burnt orange.

  1. Buffet catering will drop.

As a result of safety concerns, few couples are opting for buffet catering. Since this form of catering involves a lot of cutlery sharing, shared utensils, and rings can also be carriers of the COVID-19 virus, most couples are going for already plated food, sack lunches, and even food trucks. They are also opting for a simple cake and champagne reception, as opposed to the traditional way of holding a full buffet dinner plus a grand cake cutting and sharing session.

  1. Livestreaming of the wedding

With the prevalence of COVID-19, most couples are now opting to stream their wedding live.  With live streaming, guests get to experience the exchange of vows and rings from the comfort of their homes. Even as technology improves, more couples will opt to have a continuation of the same trend since it is less expensive in comparison to having guests attending your wedding.

  1. DIY décor is taking center stage

Couples are every day looking for ways to cut on their wedding costs without having the compromise on the preferred aesthetics for their big day. By choosing to DIY invitation cards, wedding cakes, and décor, the couple gets to save a lot and allocate those funds to other essential aspects of the day. The DIY trend is a trend that is likely to gain more popularity as we approach 2021.

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