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Air Conditioners
By EVAN JAVIER 1,082 views

What Are the Different Types of Air Conditioners and Which One to Choose?

The one piece of equipment that makes summers more bearable is an air conditioner. Designed to maintain cool and suitable temperature indoors, these systems act as a lifesaver when the mercury soars outdoors. There are different types of systems available in the market, but which one would be appropriate for your home? This article explains the various AC systems and how to choose the best one.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioners

Certain questions that you should ask yourself before buying a AC unit for the premises are where the system would be installed, the expectations that you have from the unit and the various supports present in the home. For example, do you have the required wiring to accommodate the electricity requirements of the AC? If changes should have to be made, then consult an electrician to perform the task.

Further, certain costs that you need to take care of are:

  • Cost of the air conditioner
  • Cost of installation and
  • Cost of maintenance

Seek help from family members, friends, and other reliable sources to know more about the promising air conditioners present in the market along with the various features that they have in store for you.

Various Air Conditioners

Know more about the Different Types of Air Conditioners

There are three popular types of air conditioning units available in the market and these are:

  • Split Air Conditioning System: Just as the name suggests, the split system comprises of two parts-one installed inside and the other outside. The split systems come with options such as cooling only or reverse cycle. The power range varies from 2KW to 8KW. Those with 2KW are ideal for small to medium rooms, while the latter one is ideal for large rooms. These systems can be mounted on the walls.
  • Ducted Air Conditioning System: The ducted air conditioners are made up of two integral parts-the ducts, and the system. The duct pipes are installed in the ceiling and carry cool air from the compressor to the targeted area. Through this, the hot or cool air is uniformly distributed via vents across the house. For optimal efficiency, this system can be zoned as per the needs of the different sections of the house.
  • Fixed Air Conditioning System: The fixed AC units are small boxes that are mounted on walls or windows. These are regarded to be the best for single rooms as multiple units would be needed when you want to cool more areas of the home. The small units can be easily plugged into the standard power system of the house, while larger ones would have to be wired into the electrical system.

Ducted Air System

What Repairs and Maintenance Are Required for Air Conditioners?

Instead of waiting for AC problems to happen, it is wise to carry out periodic maintenance with the help of professional services. Some of the common maintenance that is valuable for the performance of air conditioners is:

  • Replacing the air filters
  • Checking insulation and leakage in pipes
  • Checking the burners and coils
  • Ensuring fans are operating effectively
  • Checking the pressure levels and refrigerant gas
  • Ensuring the unit does not make unwanted noise, vibrate or rattle.

When looking for the best air conditioners for your home, you have to be sure about the expectations that you have from the system. Even though all variants offer effective cooling, however, their cost, performance, and functionality vary from one system to another. Therefore, determine your needs and then make your way towards the ultimate unit for your home.

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