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 . One of them is the CTR, whose calculations will make you understand how popular your content is on Google. With this data you will know if your strategies were effective.

Don’t you know what the CTR is? In this article we will explain what CTR is and how you can increase the CTR of your website .

The CTR will not only offer you the information you need to evaluate your results, it is also part of a series of digital resources that will help you optimize your website so that you achieve all your goals on the Internet.

What is CTR, why is it important, and how is it calculated?

The CTR is one of the most important metrics to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns, and it helps us to have information to know what is the response of our audience to certain ads, so that we can act accordingly. CTR stands for “click rate” and comes from the acronym for the English words “click through rate”. The CTR is a data that reflects the number of clicks your content has had on Google . You can segment this data into a broader range, after all, not all visitors to your website come from Google. If you have a good analysis tool, you will be able to see CTR statistics from Google, social networks and other digital platforms.

In case you work with a more basic tool you can calculate it manually, it is very easy. You just have to divide the number of clicks by the number of impressions and then multiply it by 100. If you manage to work that information, supported by other data such as the number of conversions (users who registered for the first time), you will be able to better understand the success of your campaigns .

For example, imagine that out of 1000 times someone has seen your ad, they have clicked 5 times, the CTR would be 0.5%. This means that 0.5% of the times the ad was shown was interesting to the public and got a response.

Another aspect that is part of the importance of calculating the click through rate is that it plays an important factor when optimizing your website for search engines; that is, when you are working on SEO positioning . You should already know that it is the art of achieving excellent positioning in search results, and if your number of visits is high, the task becomes easier.

A high CTR means that our ad is useful and relevant, and Google takes this into account when it comes to positioning us

At SPOTLIGHT SEO we are specialized in web positioning and increasing CTR is one of the essential aspects that we work to improve the positioning of our clients.

Why is it so important?

There are many things that Google takes into account to improve the positioning of a website: unique texts, original images … and one of them is the CTR. Google considers that if users prefer to click on your result compared to that of the competition, it is because you are offering higher value content. Improving the CTR will not only help users click on your page, you will also be scoring points in the eyes of Google.

The million dollar question, how do we increase CTR? Let’s go for it!

Actions you must do to make the CTR high

But to complement your CTR with SEO in a harmonious way it is necessary that you work on your titles. If they are attractive enough, you will achieve a greater number of visits and an enviable positioning. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a great writer to write exciting titles, you just have to rely on a few strategies and actions that will facilitate the entire process.

The key is to choose a phrase that captures the user’s attention and, above all, that is answering the question that the user is asking. In short, choose eye-catching and concise titles.

Although it is also important that you worry about optimizing some factors to satisfy both Google’s positioning algorithm and users (or future visits). These include the URL, meta description, and date.

We leave you a few more ideas below. Some can be applied at the same time or in different campaigns to increase your visits.

Check them out!

Use rich snippets or rich formats

Rich formats are “miniature” formats that function as a prelude to address the user experience on your website, especially in your blog posts or articles. Remember that if you strive to make visuals pleasant, attractive and useful to the user, the more Google will reward you .

Rich snippets improve the visual appearance of your titles in search results. When you search for something on Google, you can see that in one or more of the first options, not only the title appears, they also have other “decorations” that catch your attention, therefore, you trust that this option has the information you are looking for, right ? It is no different with the users you want to reach. Some of the ones you can embed on your website are the following:

  • Image thumbnail:  It is also common to see image thumbnails in the view results. A key point for the user to stop at your link. Why? Because, in general, we are very visual.
  • Favicon : In mobile searches, the web favicon can be displayed. A nice way to grab the user’s attention. An example of these three options can be the following:
  • Video thumbnail : They are common in YouTube links, they are a kind of “preview” to the content. They are very attractive visual elements that will help the user to click on your result.
  • Lists : They show a summary information of what is in the content, very useful for recipes or classifications. The user is seeing the answer to what they are looking for, which will attract even more attention.
  • Create structured data : Through the Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP plugin you can specify different data (apartments, hotels, events, etc.) so that Google better understands the subject your website is about. In this way, we can display rich elements in Google’s own search. As it is difficult to explain in writing, we have prepared a video.

Use links to specific sections

Internal links are elements that should never be missing on your website, although not all of them have to be to other articles or sales landing pages, you can also include links to specific sections of your website that you can include in the title that is seen in the search results.

They are very easy to include in an HTML code, especially if you already have an established subtitle menu, the kind known as Table Content Plus. It is a table with a list of links that direct the user directly to the section they are looking for.

Modify and remove dates in content

Since the Internet is currently the most important means of communication in the world, it is natural that Google gives more importance to updated posts, but do not worry, this does not mean that all the time you invested in positioning a content is despised by Google with a newer post. The important thing is that you remember to change the date every time you make an update .

Do not try to cheat by modifying only the date, since the algorithm knows when you have included a value update or not, so better take an old post, add some important modifications, such as new data, links, videos, among others and finally change the date.

Google is fascinated by updates, you will see that you will recover your position and a lot of clicks of visits . On the other hand, you can also remove the dates completely, this is valid, you may need the help of your web designer to remove them. You can also find a quick guide to do it yourself.

Include emojis in descriptions

Apart from snippets, you can also use emojis to make your titles more attractive, everyone loves these mini graphics. So if your company is aimed at a less formal audience, you can use them in your meta descriptions, so you will attract the attention of users and have many clicks guaranteed .

Remember that there are many types of emojis, do not limit yourself only to using faces or those used for expressions, you can choose some to make lists with checkpoints or to make a small illustrated summary. You will see that with a little creativity your content will be more attractive.

They are also effective for including in meta descriptions. Go ahead and use them, it will not take you long to include them and you can do a test with some posts, when you review your metrics you will be surprised.

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