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Augmented reality
By SMACAR STUDIO 1,352 views

What type of Augmented reality does your company need?

Customers are fickle. Retaining customers is a lot tougher than getting one. You know why brands like Apple and Tommy Hilfiger sell like hot cakes? It is because they have an unique selling proposition and an user experience that makes customers come for more. When you use a Mac, you let the whole world know with the logo. People believe and buy stuff they see. We are primal beings after all. Visual cues do play a vital role in our decision making. This is why you need to take Augmented reality seriously and make it a vital part in your marketing strategy. With the advent of new age technologies in digital marketing, augmented reality has been the latest to make its entry in creating brand awareness among a medley of industries. Be it real estate, entertainment or for educational purposes, there are different kinds of Augmented reality used for a medley of purposes. Be it brand awareness or to explore the product being offered, these days even a non-programmer can create an app to create AR experiences further closing the divide between the digital and the reality. Let us go through some common Augmented reality technologies currently in the market and what they are used for.

Beacon Type Augmented Reality:

Some museums already use this technology to provide a customized experience and a learning experience tuned to the individual. He/She can learn about artifacts and paintings and visualize them in real time and learn about it by just pointing their mobile phone at them. The beacons are strategically placed through out the museum to give vital information to the user. It can also be used in the hospitality industry to give the customers customized offers based on their package and make their visit a worthy one. They use low energy blue-tooth devices to transmit where GPS is not that accurate. Beacons are ideal in museums and in places like hotels where the user can get a customized experience and can greatly increase the user experience.

Where it is used:

This is a new type of Augmented reality currently being experimented in a motley of domains and is suited for Hospitality, Art and in places where there are lots of Open space to explore.

Marker type Augmented Reality:

In this type of Augmented reality, we make use of Cameras in devices to have a visual of the surroundings and to read the “marker”, which then is used to trigger an output. The output may range from simple audio to complex videos. It has been for around a decade now and is used in education and to understand concepts easily by calculating the distance between the marker image and the camera. It also uses a variety of other sensors like audio and motion sensor to give a clear output. Let us say you got to teach kids in your class about the human body. Teaching students in Augmented reality not only enhances the learning experience and makes it fun, it also increases the retentivity on the minds of the kids. It can also be used to explain electric circuits in a fun way and to tinker with them.

Coming to the movie industry, Marker type Augmented reality is being used widely to see trailers and for creating viral campaigns. It also has a huge potential in the advertising industry. There are lots of studies that show that Augmented reality has drastically increased the conversion rates and is an excellent way to connect with the customer. With the information obtained by the user, the company can even contact the prospective customer while he is viewing the product demo.

(Video explaining Marker type AR)

In real estate, Augmented reality has found many takers. People are lazy. It takes lots of time and resources to visit a site and look at it when there are a range of choices available to them. With the help of AR, the developers can bring the project alive and can help the prospective customers to navigate the estate and even help them design their interiors once they own the property. It is also used in Jewelry industry to increase the sales and for woman to try out “jewelry” without actually wearing them and customize them within the app itself.

Marker-less type Augmented Reality:

Marker-less type of AR is a recent development where the device makes use of the geo-location of the user and helps them in creating an environment based on the map and the real environment. Pokemon-go made this technology go mainstream and it was a game where users could navigate the virtual world that had starking similarities to the real world. The devices we use currently are transitioning from marker based to markerless to accurately find location of edges and walls without actually reading a bar-code or an image. Google Tango recently uses this technology to scan the room and create objects in a virtual environment.

Gaming industry and Advertising industry are going to be the major benefactors in this technology and the future looks pretty real and exciting.

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