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Funding is the fuel on which any industry operates. In fact, your corporate without funding will splash under the burden of its own debt. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to fund your startup says Sean Malatesta.

Businesses can take different paths in order to attain funding. Depending on what kind of corporate you are running, the marketing opportunities, you can adapt funding search and your tactic.


Let’s explore some ways of getting fund for your startup:

Create a corporate plan:

There is a need to have the clear understanding of how you plan to run the corporate. Having a proper plan secure will increase the chances of securing funds. Moreover, the companies having a corporate plan have the higher growth rates. Therefore, creating a plan is the very first step toward getting the best startup funding option. Your corporate plan must have the clear description of your industry.

Visit the local bank:

You should visit the bank you use for personal banking needs. Set up an appointment with a loan officer. Get ready with your corporate plan. Elucidate the loan officer how much money you need and for what you will use it. Do not get upset if the bank denies your business loan application. You can try other banks and financial institutions if your first stop is abortive.

Consider friends and family:

Asking friends and family for money are also one of the startup funding sources. Unlike the bank, you will be capable to get some money from your loved ones without having to recompense any interest.

Venture capitalists:

Being startup, you can also secure funds from venture capitalists. These firms invest in the early stage of businesses in exchange for an equity share. Hence, if you have decided to take this avenue, be ready to give away a portion of your industry. And this is not always a bad thing. Venture capitalists also provide some other resources that can contribute to the victory of the company. But comprehend that these firms only structure these deals if they are in their favor.

Top Tips for Growing A Successful Business

Angel investors:

These investors are the entrepreneur or former entrepreneur themselves. Actually, money is these individuals motivation emphasis Sean Michael Malatesta. So, they genuinely take interest in your industry as well as the evolution and development of specific industries. Finding right angel investors means you can benefit from their expert advice and management skills. These groups provide funding to the industries when they are in the initial stage. Whereas, venture capitalists typically look in order to get involved a little bit later.


In this digital era, it is great to take advantage of the online available resources. You should crowdfund the websites to raise capital. Furthermore, you can consider some other alternative websites like Circle Up, Fundable etc. If the project is sponsored in an exact way, you can increase a lot of money.

Use your personal savings:

You can also consider funding the startup on your own. If you have saved money for some big purchase, you could use it to launch business instead. However, it can be risky as you won’t have a penny if your corporate is unsuccessful.

Look for the strategic partner:

Finding a strategic partner for your startup can help hasten the growth of your corporate. This is because your strategic partner can introduce new ideas as well as a unique solution to the table.

Wrapping Up

Every one of us does not have enough money to get the startup off the ground. Above are some startup funding options shared by Sean Michael Malatesta. Getting a loan from the bank, asking friends or family for help, venture capitalists, angel investors, crowdfunding are some options that you should consider.

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Sean Michael Malatesta
Sean Michael Malatesta
Sean Michael Malatesta is a highly experienced and versatile business leader in mobile, media, advertising, video streaming, entertainment and technology sectors.

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