Blocked Drain

If you are having problems with your drainage system you need to call a blocked drain plumber to solve these issues. Normal plumbers can deal with your water lines and they can install the pipelines, faucets and other bathroom attachments. However, a blocked drain plumber is a specialist plumber who deals with the clogged drainage system, identify the clogged portions of your drains, repair or replace the swage lines and re-line the drain lines to prevent any property damage.

When to Call A Blocked Drain Plumber?

Blocked Drain Cleaning

  • Blocked Sink: bathroom and kitchen sinks can get blocked on recurrent time. If in case, you encounter some blockages in your drainage system, you can solve them with some DIY techniques. You can easily fix your blocked sinks by pouring some hot water mixed with baking soda or you can also use a hanger to plug out the deposited garbage from the blocked sink drains. But these DIY techniques cannot provide you long term solution, and it is better to call a blocked drain plumber to fix the issue permanently. They have some advanced tools and sound knowledge in replacing your clogged plumbing lines with new ones in a short period of time.
  • Clogged Drains: after heavy rains, you can find some leakages in storm water drain pipelines. You will also find some puddles on your property which are caused by leaked underground lines. In this case, you have no choice except for hiring a blocked drain plumber.
  • Blocked Toilet: it is really very unpleasant to deal with toilet drain and you must rely on the blocked drain plumber to fix such problems. Blocked toilet is really a nightmare and people are often unable to deal with these issues. Only blocked drain plumbers can solve these issues, and to maintain the hygiene, you must get your toilet or swage lines cleaned every week from these plumbers.
  • Clogged Sewer Lines: sewer lines are normally installed under the garden or backyard surface. The main cause of the blocked sewer lines is tree roots and you need to maintain your garden areas to prevent this issue. But you cannot stop the growth of the tree roots at the underground level and in this case, you need to get the damaged sewer lines changed from a blocked drain plumber. This is really a hectic task, and this repairing can damage your garden area and property. But now you can go for the sewer line relining service and blocked drain plumber who can easily re-line your underground pipelines without destroying your property.

How Can You Prevent Blocked Drain Problems?

When you brush your teeth in the morning, you often find that your sink is already half-filled with drain water, and this is really disgusting and unhygienic. Apart from that, blocked drains, leakage pipelines and damaged sewerage lines can create some embarrassing situations. To prevent these problems, you need to follow some common guidelines.

Drainage systems can easily be clogged with some solid objects such as hair, dust and other domestic particles, and some toiletries such as soaps, detergents and shampoo pouches. However, in today’s time, you can find several gadgets to prevent blocked drain issues. For example, you can install a flashlight on your sink taps and clogged portions and plug out the deposited garbage from the sink drains.

But all you need to do is to stop throwing these domestic particles in your drains, and do not try to plug out these particles ever. You can use some bins for your bathroom and kitchen and always trash these objects or used toiletries in the bin.

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