In order to make your teeth visually whiter, it is not necessary to sign up for a teeth whitening procedure or engage in similar remedies at home. Have you ever heard that you can whiten teeth by brushing them with soda and activated charcoal? Allegedly, this method helps to whiten teeth well. But these methods may harm your teeth and ruin the enamel.

In general, there are many ways to whiten teeth. And the easiest of them is with the help of makeup. Professional makeup artists, indeed, use some tricks in makeup that help make a smile bright.Alternatively, if you don’t wear a lot of makeup, you can still visit the cosmetic dentist in newmarket ON to get whiter teeth.

Lip Makeup

Of course, if you want to visually whiten teeth with makeup, then it is worth starting with the lips. With a simple set of pencil, lipstick or gloss, you can noticeably change the shape of the mouth, make the lips plumper, and the teeth whiter.

The most successful shades that favorably emphasize the whiteness of teeth are peach and orange, which are also trendy this season. They mask the enamel yellowness but do not create a contrast with it.

However, it is worth remembering that orange is a rather capricious color and can give highlights to the overall skin tone, giving it an unhealthy appearance. If in doubt, orange is best replaced with pink. This delicate color perfectly adapts to the overall skin tone, refreshing the face as a whole. In general, all warm shades visually make the teeth darker, and cold ones, on the contrary, make them whiter – remember this when choosing gloss or lipstick.

As for the bright hues – red, magenta or violet, it is also important to pay attention to the semitones. It is best if the lipstick contains orange (red hues), bluish (pink hues) or lilac (purple hues) pigments.

Ideal lipsticks with teeth whitening properties are considered light pink, fuchsia, raspberry, rich red and plum. The warmer the shade of lipstick, the more “warm” the teeth appear. The same thing happens if the lipstick blends in with the skin tone, especially if it turns out to be lighter than it. If the color of your teeth is not perfect initially, avoid orange, brick, coral, light beige and violet shades.

Eye Makeup

Do eye makeup with shadows that you have always avoided. Purple, blue and silver are perfect for winter, and green and turquoise – for spring. Gently blend them over the eyelids by painting colored smoky eyes, and apply nude lipstick on your lips. Attention will be completely riveted to the eyes, and the smile will become brighter.


Use a highlighter to add volume to lips and shine to teeth. Stroke the entire surface of the lips with a pencil (pale pink and berry shades are ideal), and on top apply a small layer of gloss mixed with a concealer with a shine effect.

Skin Tone

Everyone knows that tan masks minor skin defects. Also, tan is no less important if your goal is to make your teeth visually whiter. In the summer, during the holiday season, do not miss the chance to soak up the sunshine in order to get a golden skin. Just remember the rules of tanning: use sunscreen, and also get tan at the right time and always remember about the consequences of tanning for your health.

In winter, you can achieve a bronze skin tone with tanning or bronzing powder. If the shade of concealer seems unnatural to you, just add a few drops of it to your usual night cream. In the morning your skin will be darker, and the smile will look brighter against its background.

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