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Executive Coaching
By ANGELA ASH 1,408 views

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Executive Coaching

Without a doubt, there’s a growing demand within the workplace for better leadership in most businesses, which means leaders and owners should find ways to keep up or risk causing problems for their organizations. Engaging in executive coaching can help you and the leadership team to acquire more knowledge and gain additional skills needed to steer the ship of your business successfully.

Qualities That Executive Coaches Possess

One of the ways through which company owners can use to augment performances and ensure that leaders in the organization are on their toes is by hiring executive coaches. It can be seen as a potent tool that can be used to improve leadership styles, which in turn boosts effectiveness and efficiency in getting more consistent results in a business. Before hiring an executive coach from the pool of numerous individuals, it’s vital to know what traits they should have. 

Some of the qualities they possess are as follows:

  • Good listening skills
  • Demonstrate professionalism
  • Unique personalization approach
  • Excellent communication specialists
  • Expertise

Pillars of Executive Coaching

According to a report by the International Coaching Federation, 86% of businesses recorded massive impacts on productivity during coaching engagements. Smart company owners are now turning to executive coaches to help them set up their careers for big success, while still working on their abilities and performance levels. However, to achieve these vast tasks, executive coaching should have high-quality skills and enough experience. 

Five pillars uphold executive coaching, and they include:

  • Self-perception
  • Insights
  • Action
  • Vision
  • Smart thinking

The 5 Cs of Executive Coaching

Since a business owner’s idea is to improve organizational practices by hiring an executive coach, it’s pertinent to know the basic tenets. Ultimately, coaching programs are designed so that significant impacts are made on executives, as regards how they think or take measures. Although getting people to change may be a difficult task, having the necessary skill and tactics to train business managers can make the coaching job a bit easier.  

There are 5 Cs of executive coaching through which trainers combine to achieve desired results when hired to develop managers and leaders in an organization:

  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  • Control
  • Communication

Executive Coaching Models

Before implementing executive coaching in your business, it’s vital to know the training models they (executive coaches) can carry out to enhance results. Executive coaching allows a neutral professional to assess your business and provide ways in which you can work on ensuring that activities are done in an orderly and profitable manner. There are different types of coaching available, and some include performance and career coaching.

However, it’s essential to find the type of coaching that can suit the leadership style in your business. An executive coaching model is a planned structure designed to help business owners, managers, and leaders go from a particular level to a desired position of complete and excellent understanding of organizational practices in the future. Although several types of executive coaching models exist, it’s essential to know which one works best for your business. 

Some of these coaching models are:

  • Solution-focused coaching model
  • Clear coaching model
  • Grow coaching model
  • Fuel coaching model

The Need for Executive Coaching in a Business

When it comes to attaining success in a business, nobody wants to be left behind. Therefore having executive coaches handle leadership training in your business should be considered to achieve set goals and objectives. There are some reasons why your company needs executive coaches. Read on!

1. Develop Emotional Intelligence

According to a report by Talentsmart, emotional intelligence has a 58% influence on job performance in companies. That means being able to manage and handle relationships solely depends on the ability of the leadership team in an organization. Executive coaches can train you and the leadership team by improving your emotional intelligence (EQ) ability, as well as being tutored on how to handle stressful situations.

2. Improve Accountability and Decision Making

Understandably, since you are the owner of a business, there can be a lot on your plate; however, not being able to focus can result in unnecessary distractions and delay in meeting targets. Executive coaches can help to avoid this by mapping out plans to keep you focused and prevent the waste of energy and resources in the wrong areas. They also make frameworks available for company owners and leaders, thereby analyzing complex problems and providing them with conscious decisions.

3. Accomplish Business Goals

Before anyone starts a business, they make plans to ensure that things go smoothly and missions are accomplished. However, hiring an executive coach can shoot up the chances of your business meeting its required target quickly. Through their commitment, they put every effort into looking for loopholes that can waste time and providing solutions to overcome them, which in turn increases the rate of efficiency.

4. Boost Work-Life Balance

Apart from having to work all the time, one of the keys to successful loving is having an excellent work-life balance. In fact, according to a study by Gitnux, 21% of employees that enjoy a good work-life balance tend to put more effort toward achieving the goals in their organization. Executive coaches can help your leadership team to improve work-life balance by coming up with strategies that can reduce the rate of stress and increase job happiness.

5. Create Teams With Strong Bonds

It’s impossible to achieve goals in an organization without having a team that can work towards accomplishing them. With the help of an executive coach, you can create effective programs for team-building skills, improved cooperation, and conflict resolution. Building a strong bond team helps strengthen your company culture and boost the chances of success.


Most business owners don’t know that having an executive coach can benefit them in several ways. Apart from them being able to add to your and the team’s skills, they also provide resources that can give your business an edge over rivals. You need executive coaches to increase the rate of meeting targets in your company because they can develop emotional intelligence, improve decision-making and create teams with solid bonds.

Angela Ash

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