Drain Relining

If you are using an old property, where digging the old damaged drain may bring up lots of problem and costly after works for you, you would like to avoid that and get a solution at all costs. Again if you are using a posh property with costly flooring, walls and all, then again you won’t want things to be broken and dug deep thereby causing an aesthetic and constructional disturbance. In all such cases, the relief comes in the form of the drain relining services.

What is Drain Relining?

Drain relining is a no dig service where a drain making mix is inserted inside the old drain pipe, and then spread as a coating inside the old drain pipe wall by use of air or water pressure. Then the coating hardens and solidifies. And another new pipe gets formed inside the old drain pipe. This is an extremely useful and highly advantageous technology, which has made repairing of old, drains a breeze and that too without any digging work. It can be simplified saying that a pipe gets formed inside the old existing pipe.

Lots of misuse can be avoided with the use of drain relining services. The old drain gets sealed at all places of cracks, bursts, holes and damages. The chances of root in growth and other intrusions are ruled out as the work gets done with the aid of a pipe fitted camera. The entire cost of the work is quite economical, and no parts of the property or drain mouth etc. get dug up thus saving the aesthetics and avoiding a big hassle.

The Main Advantages of Drain Relining:

There are lots of benefits of drain relining, which are as follows:

  • This is extremely economical.
  • The new pipe hardens quickly, and the drain can be used soon.
  • Patch repairing instead of relining the entire drain is also possible.
  • The main drain gets strengthened because of the new pipe layer paid inside and the combination of the old drain pipe layer over it.
  • Root penetration resistant.
  • The work gets done with minimal settings.
  • Noise of working is reduced.
  • No digging makes it a clean work and you can avoid the mess.
  • Drains with inner diameter as low as 100mm can also be relined.

With relining the drain, it does not get too narrow to function, and functions better than before as it gets stronger and harder. With a proper relining work, the drain again lasts for several years.

Who would decide if your Drain can be relined?

You cannot decide on your own if the drains can be relined. It will be decided by the experts only. For this, you will have to call professional plumbers and drain relining experts. A professional would look inside the drain, tap and evaluate the problems, and will also look inside using a special camera, if needed. This will reveal if the drain needs a relining or not.

Also, if the drain is fit for a relining work, the diameter, state etc. are all okay to accept the work or not, are the other concerns. Finally you would be given a quote for the work, and you must also inquire the estimated time of completion and how soon the drain will be ready for reuse. Based on all that, you can schedule a drain relining work, and your service provider will start on it. It’s one of the most economical drain repair solutions which shows quick and effective results.

In a nut shell, Drain relining is a great relief for people who would never want the place to be dug up.

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