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Founded in 1953 by three brothers, the Lladro company is world-famous for its figurines. To this day, all Lladro pieces are produced in the workshop in Spain by experienced sculptors, who create truly stunning pieces for consumers to enjoy. The exquisitely detailed Lladro figurines remain as popular today as they were seventy years ago.

Beautiful Details that Showcase Exquisite Craftsmanship

There is nothing hurried or slapdash about how any of the pieces in the Lladro collection are produced, with the same care and attention to detail going into the process now as when the company first began. The instant impression is that a lot of thought has gone into the whole process from conception and design, through the sculptors creating the pieces, and even the choice of colours and glaze. The ethos at the heart of the Lladro brand is all about creating unique pieces that people will cherish and love for years to come. This commitment to creating beautifully detailed pieces is one of the many reasons why people find the Lladro figurines so appealing, making them excellent collectible pieces.

Highly Collectible

The art of collecting exquisite items such as these is being able to recognise quality when you see it. Thankfully, there is no second-guessing with Lladro figurines. Whether you choose to collect pieces that depict the loyalty of animals to their humans or decide to curate a collection of figurines from history, there will be a theme of Lladro figurines to suit your collecting interests.

A Good Investment

People like to build things – and that includes a collection of beautiful things – just one reason why Lladro figurines remain popular today.

Aesthetics aside, let’s be honest, each Lladro piece is so carefully made – and equally carefully chosen – because there is real value attached to them. Money isn’t everything and neither is the price tag that these figurines come with. But, get the collection right and choose your pieces wisely and you could find yourself in a position where your investment pays off generously in years to come.

Offer Something for Everyone’s Taste

The range of Lladro pieces continues to swell year after year, with more beautiful designs and pieces added to the already vast range of Lladro figures.

This means that there is something for everyone’s taste. There are cute figures of children loving their pets – who can resist a doe-eyed puppy looking longingly at their young owner? There are plenty of other charming figurines such as the palm-sized bust of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist with a strong and passionate following.

Some pieces denote mythical happenings, such as the scarlet red Phoenix rising from the ashes. The Egyptian god Anubis figures is not forgotten either, depicting the lithe, haughty head of the dog surveying its kingdom.

Certain collections bring more than a hint of romance to the shelf too. For example, the Lladro figurines striking romantic poses, their Moments to Celebrate collection makes for the ideal gift for newlyweds or for when a new member is welcomed to the family.

There are so many Lladro pieces to choose from, there’s sure to be one to suit any occasion.

Create an Emotional Connection

While Lladro figurines are a smart purchase due to their value, many people decide which pieces to invest in based on an emotional connection. Each piece tells a story but what people don’t expect is how much of it is their story. For example, the beautiful Lladro white porcelain figurine of a swimmer ready to take their dive off the blocks into the cool water will strike a chord with anyone who has swum competitively or has a love affair with the water.

A Pleasure to Own

The same is true for the other Lladro figurines across the range. Their beauty is not to be denied. The colours – some bright and effervescent, others understated, and the elegant white figurines that remain so very popular. The details and the essence of each piece speak to those who have long known the true delight of owning a Lladro.

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