Are you non-citizens of US who has been charged with a crime? There is a need to contact a lawyer who has the understanding of immigration concerns of felonious convictions. If you are facing serious criminal charges as an immigrant, you need criminal immigration defense lawyer, like Attorney Robert Pascal.

Actually, the criminal defense for non-resident needs a knowledge of how criminal state law interacts with Federal immigration laws. Hence, it is crucial make contact with an advocate who comprehends the immigration penalties of felonious convictions.

The green card holder can lose their permanent citizenship and deported if they commit a serious crime. Furthermore, non-citizen also have to cautious if they are charged with a crime as sentences can also ban them from becoming a legal permanent resident.

The immigration attorney Robert Pascal has also an extensive offender defense experience. Moreover, this professional lawyer helps his clients in their case and avoid activating deportation proceeding for a probable conviction.

Crime Affect Immigration Status

Facing charges for any kind of crime from drug possession to theft affect the immigration status of individuals and lead to deportation. The team of lawyers at Law Office Robert Pascal P.A Attorney aim is to defend individual’s immigration status and also to evade extradition.

Moreover, they help in evaluating the facts involved and develop effective tactics in felonious court which includes plea negotiations and reducing the charges. In fact, Attorney Robert Pascal has a well-known network of law firms to assist with most complicated cases.

All you need to do is to make a call and the professional will provide you criminal defense lawyer capable of handling your case.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer

At Law Office Robert Pascal P.A Attorney, advocates provide criminal defense services and help non-citizens in gaining access to stay in the US. If individuals seeking United State citizenship and are suspect of an offense, they need protection.

Actually, consequences of the criminal case have a substantial impact on legal status in the US. Therefore, it is essential to take the advice from an immigration attorney to handle the immigration issues due to criminal charges. The lawyer Robert Pascal provide help in cases including suspended license, no valid driver license, and reckless driving etc.

Wrapping Up

Getting a felonious sentence for certain wrongdoing can put you in hazard of deportation. This is a fact that individuals in the US legally face. Hence, when accused of an offense, it is crucial to talk with lawyer having experience in handling cases like yours. The Attorney Robert Pascal represent his clients in criminal court and protect their immigration rights. Make a call for free consultation.

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Robert Pascal
Robert Pascal
Robert A. Pascal is a native Floridian, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale. He has studied and practiced in the areas of: Immigration, International Law, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law, Corporations, Business Law, Trademarks and Probate through his very own Law Offices of Attorney Robert Pascal.

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