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An ideal business is based on the principles of customer satisfaction. The concept of providing a comfortable environment has become a vital part of business growth and is of immense value to the customers. In most of the functional areas today, digitisation has impacted the work ethics of the industries, so how about boosting customer interaction by bringing in better engagement? As a consequence, most people tend to be on their mobiles for a sufficient amount of time, which has raised a requirement for a safe and reliable Wi-Fi network, the ones with are especially good. 

Providing the best amenities and services could be a deciding factor on where you want to take a stand as an organisation in this competitive market. To establish business growth and attain customer value, efficient and reliable Internet access should be of the highest superiority.

What kind of business value could a free WI-FI network generate?

Lately, the Internet has become an indispensable factor in our daily life where we find ourselves connected to almost everything via a safe and secure network. Whether it has an impact on business growth and preferences is a matter of consideration! While frequenting your business place, the customer could affix to the Internet via the Wi-fi hotspot and surf the web according to their convenience. Being easily accessible to all the visitors should be kept in mind, as a happy and satisfied customer could help the business attain more valuation and recommendations.

WI-FI, an internal segment of the digital world?

Imagine the circumstances of not having a secure internet connection at work or any neighbourhood cafe. You would be so frustrated for not being able to virtue the social world! We have faced the adverse effects of being at home during the pandemic, but only contemplating the outside world has kept us positive and motivated.

  • Customer engagement has been raised due to technological advancements and took the steps towards digitisation.
  • Visualise a happening place of business where there is easy access and how much an individual tempts to stay on and frequently visit, hence establishing customer loyalty.

Before setting up a WiFi connection via modem or router, you must follow certain steps for a reliable and safe network-

1. Selecting a peculiar ISP

Having a reliable ISP is the first and foremost step of setting up a network, as it is essential to be assisted by a technically sound ISP to have access to the internet. Significantly used ISPs- Reliance Jio, Airtel. A compact and strong ISP could massively assist the consumers in connecting to the digital surroundings via their laptops or phones.

2. High speed with minimal cost, the best bandwidth plan

Nowadays, Internet Service Providers carry out distinctive bandwidth plans. The one with high speed bundled with cost-effective benefits could be a long-standing bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the rate of data transmission in the network, which affirms the proximity of surfing the web efficiently. As the business expands widely, troubleshooting should be injected into the system to avoid any WiFi connection complaints.

3. Arrange and affix the prerequisites, bring in the adjoining types of equipment

Generally, ISPs provide the service beholders with a compatible modem or router, which ascertains internet access in the hotspots. Follow the complete set of instructions to configure a secure network at the workspace.

4. Avert having a customary dual network

Implications of having a combined private-business network could be of immense risk to the operations of the business. Separation of the business network and the public WiFi could insulate it from cyber-attacks. Through SSID, you could lay a plan out for the amount of usage that the engagement could avail by automatically setting up time segments.

5. Installation of a captive portal to restrict the usage liability

Unlimited or a free range of connectivity could delve major issues into the networking system. The captive portal will relocate the customers to a web page where the Terms and Conditions are assigned. Certainly that the business is not held responsible for any misconduct or illicit action of the customer, they need to agree to the prevailing criteria to gain access to the public network.

6. Permittance of password protocol

A network should be safe and secure to abandon any malicious content on the server. Therefore WPA /WPA2 Encryption should be allotted for additional security. Protect the private network by disabling the SSID for the customers to evade any irregularities during browsing the web.

7. Communication of the WiFi password to maximise customer engagement

The premises should avail all the comfort to the customers, so as a conservative business project, a sign of all the services should be put into notice so that the individual is not charged at the checkout. Keep the WiFi name and password available at the reception counter so can the visitors avail the best of the benefits.


WiFi service has become a critical part of scaling and holding onto the customers because we can only succeed if the consumers’ interests are withstanding the policies of our business as we aim to grow united together.

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