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3 Essential Wig Care Tips
By ANEESH 2,129 views

3 Essential Wig Care Tips

Wigs are disguised blessings. Your wigs last longer when you give them the pampering they deserve. Let’s go through some tips which will help you keep your wig fresh as new.

  • Wash your Wigs

Taking care of your wigs will largely depend on what your wig is made of. You might have come across with synthetic as well as human hair wigs. Washing human hair wigs are similar to washing normal hair. You can use the normal shampoo and conditioners to wash. Even though the hair is natural, it is not getting nutrients from the scalp, so be gentle and make sure that you avoid over combing. Comb once the wig is dry. Heads up on the fact that never use synthetic wig cleaner on human hair wig.

In the case of synthetic wigs, detangle the wig first. Rinse it with cold water and wash with synthetic wig cleaners available in the market. You can also use the conditioners and shampoo for human hair as well. Make sure that you comb your wig regularly after every use as there is a chance for it to get matted. Make sure that you do not use hot water with synthetic wigs as the heat might damage the fiber strands.

The frequency of washes depends on the situations you go through. Don’t allow the hair to get matted with dirt. Wash the wig at least once after five uses. This may vary based on the external factors and the environment you are exposed to. However, keep your wig clean to make it last longer.

  • Heat exposure

Normally exposing your wig to heat is not appreciated. If you are particular to wear some unique style, pre-styled wigs are available in the market. You can check online stores like woman in disguise to choose from a wide range of colours, styles and lengths of wigs. However, you can use low heat on your wigs to get it styled. Make sure that you do not expose even your natural hair to extreme heat as this may damage your hair beyond the scope of repair.  

  • Storing your wigs

Sleeping with your wigs on is not a good idea. When you are at the confines of your home, remove your wig and store it in a place which will protect it from heat exposure, dust, and direct sunlight. Or you can also choose to place it on a wig stand. Storing the wig in our closet can also be tried.

Follow these tips to keep your wigs fresh and long lasting. Good care will make anything last longer. A beautiful wig is a crown to your beautiful self. You can choose your wig from online sites like Woman in Disguise and many more.


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