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Welcome to the 21st century when working remotely has dramatically gained recognition. Whether you’re self-employed or coronavirus pandemic has forced you to work from home, you’re in the right place.

The flexibility that comes with working from is an advantage to most people. You save a lot with the reduced commuting costs and time wastage as you drive to the office daily. You also eliminate the monotony that comes with working from the office.

Despite having so many reasons why work from home is good, it requires a lot of discipline and focuses to remain productive. Remember, your boss expects you to meet your set targets; otherwise, you’ll start receiving criticism of lack of performance.

Here are some top mistakes you should avoid as you work from home.

Failure to follow set policies

To maintain productivity and performance, you should come up with your work from home guidelines. For example, if you should work for 5 hours a day, make sure you log in to the system and do your job.

Always picture yourself as the employer, how would you feel if the employees working from home take advantage of being at home? Is it fair to get paid but not deliver as per the set policies and targets?

Taking too many breaks

Admittedly, when working from your house, you may end up taking too many breaks while you should be working. Your baby cries and you rush to check on it, your pet dog barks, or your catwalks on your computer. The kitchen can also distract you with all the snacks in the fridge and lots of coffee just how you like it. Anyone would honestly get distracted, especially for the foodies.

You have to create a work from home routine and make sure to follow it to the last detail. Only take breaks when you’ve scheduled for them. If distractions such as addiction to social media and requests by friends to chat or talk on the phone come in your way, find ways of sorting them. Close your social media tabs on your computer as you work. You can also switch off your phone and allow voicemail to sort your callers.

Not taking any breaks at all

Just like taking too many breaks is a problem for remote work, not taking any break is also detrimental to your mental health. Take care not to get burnouts that could send you into a crazy cycle of low productivity.

In between work, take short breaks to ease your brains and body. It doesn’t hurt to get outside and get some fresh air for about 15 minutes. If you work at the office, you usually take tea breaks, lunch breaks, and biological breaks. It’s no different when working from home. Sitting behind your desk for hours on end isn’t healthy.

During one of those random breaks, take time to play games online, chat with friends, or check on your social media platforms as a way of winding off. If you’re a fan of gaming, then you can check out the lightning link for awesome offers and bonuses.

Lack of exercise

If at some point you’ve worked from the office, you know that you keep moving all the time. Your boss summons you to his office, you need to print a document at the end of the hallway, or need to clarify something with a colleague several meters away.

In a home office setup, everything is within proximity, and you may end up sitting all day without even realizing it. You can either take walks or create a work from home exercise regime to help you maintain that waistline or flat tummy to flaunt once lockdown is over.

Not investing in proper equipment

Poor sitting posture could give you severe back pains and cost you a lot of money on treatment. Investing in work from home equipment is, therefore, a no-brainer. Among the equipment to buy, you should have a work from a home desk, comfortable chair, and a desk organizer.

In conclusion, although remote jobs give workers a lot of freedom and save them time and money, they also have disadvantages. Remote jobs aren’t for the undisciplined workers who don’t have regard for set policies and guidelines. How do you deal with remote work? Please share your ideas with us.

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