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Worker's Compensation Claim form
By CHUDLEIGHLAW 1,588 views

Making a Workers Compensation Claim in California

While working at the worksite, it is highly understood that being injured or having a stressful yet traumatic scenario is going to happen no matter what. The main issue occurs when that certain injury or damage affects the person for a whole lifetime. Or the matter of concern is when the injured is the only person who has the responsibility of the main income. To avoid all these kinds of situations there is compensation which is famously known as Workers Compensation as well. Now, If you hire the best personal injury attorney in Orange CA, then he/she can help you to get full compensation for the injury. And which also benefit in the paying of expenses such as – 

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income 
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Legal cost

Now, these expenses vary state by state, therefore it is necessary for you to directly speak with your personal injury lawyer. Because he/she is the only person who will help you out of this situation with complete payment of all the damages done. 

When claiming a worker’s compensation, one needs to know what it is in real?

Worker’s Compensation

It is a kind of insurance which gives a benefit to the workers that get injured during the work. There are several benefits given to workers if this compensation is claimed by all means. Such as domestic assistance, new employment assistance payments, education or training assistance payments, property damage claims, and many more.

Moving further, we will tell you about the steps to completely claim the Worker Compensation – 

Step 1 – Get the injury reported 

This step is important as there are high chances that the insurance company can claim that there was no injury reported at the time. If there is no report book on the site, make sure to write down the details of each injured parts of the body. That written report can be emailed to the employer easily. 

Step 2 – Seek medical help 

While you have been taken to the ER or is been treated on-site only. Make sure to tell the doctor to mention that the injury had happened at the place of work. So in the further process, he can mention it in the reports. In the further process, it would be beneficial for the best personal injury attorneys, which will make it easier to get the full compensation of that case. 

Step 3 – Get the Capacity Certificate 

After getting the medical check-up done, all you need to do is to ask the doctor to provide you with the certificate of capacity, which states that the injury was there at the time of work. 

Step 4 –  Make a request for the Worker’s Compensation form

After getting all the formalities done, one has the right to fill out the worker’s compensation form. And all of the information should be filled in carefully and thoroughly. This form is being provided by your employer only. If not it can also be taken from the doctor as well. 

Step 5 – Fill up the form and claim the Compensation 

Now, after filling out the form you and your personal injury attorney in orange CA will carry out all the other formalities. Make sure to fill the form within 3 months time span only. 


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