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workforce productivity
By SHUBHAMJOSHI 1,602 views

Tips to Improve your Workforce’s Productivity

Employees of an organization are its most vital assets and the most crucial part of it. It is impossible for a company to survive without its staff because it is them who help bring business to the company and boost revenues and profits. It is necessary for you to look after them and keep them happy, because a happy staff is an engaged staff, and an engaged staff is a productive staff. If your employees are motivated to provide their best to you, they will help reach your business to great heights and give you the number of profits you desire. Keeping a check on their productivity levels will change the way they perform their everyday duties, perform quality jobs, and reduce the amount they spend lagging behind doing no work.

Organizations that focus on the happiness of their workers usually get maximum productivity from them and add to their success. Because productivity and engagement matter the most to get the best out of the workers, a lot of business owners have started to focus on their importance.

No matter how much machines and technology take over, there still are some parts of everyday business activities that are impossible to carry out without the help and intervention of humans. That is why you should learn how to motivate your people in order to see your business flourish and your workforce develop and sharpen their skills.

How Can You Boost Your Staff’s Productivity Levels

Provided below are the tips you can follow if you want your personnel to be motivated, engaged, and productive at work-

Make Rewards And Recognition A Habit

Awarding praises and recognizing the efforts the staff members put in providing you with the best can lead to a morale boost. You should praise them in front of the entire office and provide them with incentives other than just an increment in their salary or offering a day-off apart from the week-off, keeping in mind the basic leave management structure. Offering them additional benefits apart from those listed like restaurant coupons, lunch or dinner treats, gifts, etc., will add up to a lot and make them feel like you value them. They will thus accomplish your goals because you providing them with the best productivity booster- recognition.

Encourage Them To Take Breaks Frequently

Everyone deserves a break from work a few hours, and it should be provided. If you encourage your employees to take short breaks every two or three hours, it will keep them engaged with their work and stop them from procrastinating since it will give them a break from doing the same thing over and over again. Getting a coffee break, resting for 10 minutes every hour, or chit-chatting can help your workforce feel less tired, and they will be ready to take on more duties than usual. It will give them a change of mind and hence increase their productivity.

Divide Tasks Among Everyone

If you trust your personnel with the most critical and vital of the tasks to carry out smoothly, you know you have boosted their morale big time. Dividing certain huge and important tasks among your peers is the key to them earning job satisfaction and maximum productivity. By delegating, you are giving them a chance to prove their worth and show their talents so as to help them succeed in their expertise area. Establishing your trust in them will lead to them performing their duties excellently. Doing this will only benefit you in the long run since you will be providing them with a platform to showcase their skills in front of everyone and also allow them to polish and sharpen the same.

Assign Achievable Tasks

If you want your workers to stay happy and be productive, assign them fathomable and achievable tasks. You know for a fact that your staff is skilled and highly qualified, and you don’t have to prove it to yourself by telling them to attain goals that are beyond your and their reach. Taking baby steps is the key. Start with more minor duties, and give them a clear idea about what they are supposed to provide. This will help clear their focus and thus lead to them being productive.

Pushing your employees in order to achieve milestones beyond their reach is a great disengager. Everything looks good only if done within limits. If you go ahead and make them cross this limit, it will only make things worse and lead to unproductivity and poor performance. You can instead give them realistic and achievable tasks and watch their productivity touch the sky.

Quit Micromanaging

If you don’t want to waste all the trouble you went through to hire the best talent among everyone, you should stop micromanaging your employees. Don’t ruin everything by keeping a check on every little activity your personnel performs. Your employees know what they are doing, they are skilled enough, and that is exactly why they were hired to serve in the first place. You should trust them enough to perform specific mundane tasks and empower them to do them independently.

Don’t let the workers stay entirely dependent on top managers for every little thing. They should know what they are to do every day, and it will only happen if you quit micromanaging them. Providing them with everything in a silver spoon will stop their skills from growing and make them feel less productive. Allow them to be self-dependent, and they will feel valued and therefore stay productive.

Provide Them With The Right Technology Tools

Suppose your employees don’t have the right amount of tools and technology even to perform their basic everyday tasks without hassle. In that case, their skills are most likely to go downhill, leading to disengagement and lack of productivity. It is essential to upgrade yourself with the current technology and follow the latest trends if you want to attract new talent or get the best out of your existing personnel. If they have enough tools on them, they will be able to carry out business activities smoothly without any added efforts, which will lead to them saving their energy, being fully productive, and finishing their tasks right on time.

In A Nutshell,

Improving your workers’ productivity can be a head-scratcher, and that is why this post has come to your aid. Implement the steps mentioned above in your office slowly but steadily, and you will do just fine.


Shubham Joshi is an experienced outreach expert since the age of 20. Passionate about training and development programs, he is always ready to help colleagues and customers by representing concrete ideas and methodology.