Appearance plays an important role in the workplace – it dictates how your boss, co-workers, and you view yourself. This is so due to some findings that suggest that when you look good, you feel good and thus, you’re more productive and efficient at work. Most of the workplaces still prefer conservative appearances rather than some eccentric ones. The first impression you leave in your company is usually the one to stick to you in the future as well. Of course, we’re not saying that only appearance matters – it is implied that you have sufficient knowledge and appropriate skills to do the job well. Appearance is just a cherry on top. When you are dressed well and professionally, you boost your self-confidence and create room for making progress and climbing up the corporate ladder. There are a few aspects of our appearance that we should consider. These include respecting the company’s dress code, taking care of your hair, picking the right kind of shoes and accessories, using a flattering perfume, putting on some makeup, and smiling. If you avoid putting on makeup because you are not familiar with it, read more about how to up your makeup game.

1. Respect the dress code of your company

The way you dress will affect how the people around you perceive you and you should always keep that in mind. Sometimes companies have a dress code, which can vary from company to company. It’s important that you are aware of this dress code and that you dress accordingly. There are usually specific rules regarding men and women. Failing to respect the dress code can get you into trouble and eventually it can even get you fired for not respecting the company’s policy. The aim of having a dress code to follow stands for uniformity in the workplace and it also dictates how other people perceive you. Even though some companies don’t have a dress code, you should still be considerate about your work clothing.

2. Take care of your hair as it is an essential aspect

Besides your outfit, another essential aspect is your hairstyle. We’re not saying that you should visit your hairdresser every day, but some basic rules should be followed. Taking care of your hair implies washing it regularly and keeping it neat. Sometimes you can even change it a little bit, and wear a low ponytail or a casual bun – or some other quick and easy hairstyle. Women who dye their hair should make sure that their hair is dyed regularly. As hair dyes tend to be unhealthy and have some negative side effects, you should consider visiting an organic hair salon that uses completely organic dyes that are not harmful and last longer than typical hair dyes.

3. Pick the right kind of shoes and accessories

Shoes are another key aspect of our appearance. They should be both comfortable and stylish, appropriate for the workplace. Classic shoes work the best, in neutral colors such as black, white, nude, and grey. As far as accessories are concerned, you can wear a few pieces of jewelry as well as a watch. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard, keep the accessories at a minimum. And don’t forget to pick out a bag that will complete your outfit.

4. Use a flattering perfume

Smelling nice is also an aspect of our appearance that we should keep in mind. Each company has a set of rules and regulations which the employee has to consider. But workplace etiquette does not need to be mentioned by the employer at all times. An employee must take care of how he carries himself. One of the major factors of physical appearance is the perfume one wears. Maintain your hygiene always and top it off with a flattering perfume. It should be subtle and not too intense. You should carry deodorant and a small bottle of perfume in your bag just in case. Of course, wearing strong perfume at work is not advisable because it draws a lot of attention to the person wearing it.

5. Put on some makeup

Women should put on some makeup at work as it gives them a fresher look. By that, we refer to some basic makeup such as primer, liquid foundation, brow pencil, mascara, bronzer, some blush, and a lip liner in combination with lipstick. It will add a touch of elegance and chic to your whole appearance.

6. Remember to smile

What we often tend to forget is to smile. And it is something that we definitely shouldn’t forget. Remember to smile more in the workplace as there’s nothing nicer than offering someone a warm smile and eye contact while speaking to them. It creates a sense of positive energy and a pleasant atmosphere.

This brings us to the conclusion regarding our initial question of how important appearance is in the workplace – appearance is the key to success in a career, so don’t ever overlook it.

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