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Yes, it happens very often when I am trying hard to write and mind just say “No lady I am tired”. I don’t claim to be an artist, but a writer by choice. The hard part of this profession is to manage your work-space and time in a way, so you can be smart about your tasks all the time. I work from home and last days, I decided to change my place and decorate it in a new way. So, my mind can act quickly in a different view.


I was bored saying the same view daily. Now, you might be thinking that if the room is the same, isn’t it obvious to see the same wall paint and the same things all-around in your room? Yes, it is, but there is always an option to change a little bit to refresh or refinish the room. So, considering this I decide to change the blind. It was my working space, so having simple blinds was not an option because I conduct meetings from the same room, so it has to be professional too.  Here comes the process of research for Commercial Blinds Service Palos Verdes CA. Being a writer and research is not an issue, however, choosing the right one is a problem. We are writers are often too emotional to make a poor choice. But then again, there is a little touch of a perfectionist too.

The combination is amazing and hopes were high. I had the option to choose simple window coverings or Somfy blackout shades in Palo Verdes, CA. Thinking of Somfy… I thought, it can get dark, but then it is the best choice for contemporary décor of the room especially if you are turning it into a work-space. I never thought that I can be this choosy in selecting window coverings in Palos Verdes, CA. But here we are making a tough choice. Finally, I decided to go with the black simple roll up blinds in Palos Verdes, CA.

Roll-up blinds are affordable, low maintenance and also easy to operate. I discovered these benefits, once I had them in my room on my window. Now, I could enjoy the view out of the window or draw them down to enjoy a dark moment for brainstorming. Stories are strange, they are either in front of the eyes in a beautiful bright day or other times, they hide in the dark and show up only if you are willing to slip away in the dark.

So, as a writer, I have different mindsets, moods and health conditions at a time, so I had to be conscious about my room décor too. Along with the blinds, I bought a camera too. Why? Because I can make some videos as well after drawing the blinds and setting the right light in a room. This was my idea of turning my room into a perfect work-space and yes, I think blackout shades in Palo Verdes, CA or curtains can be impacted for the change. You can share your ideas too, I love hearing new things from people. You never know what story a person’s room is telling!! So, keep sharing.

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Emma Alfie
Emma Alfie
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