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Image credit: You can now use dark colours for small rooms. Do you know how?

Yes, you read that right. Dark colours in small rooms? Of course, you can!

Dwelling in small budget apartments may sound great due to its affordability, but decorating these small rooms is really a big challenge of all times. The most typical thing we do for small rooms is to paint them with all light and neutral colour palettes. But this is not the only way to create the illusion of spaciousness in your exceptionally small apartment. You can make it appear larger than its actual size even without the use of the light colours. Using the dark colours in a right way does the trick. With few worth-trying tips, you can use dark colours for small rooms with ease.

While taking up this frightful task in hands, selecting the rooms to paint dark colours is a significantly important thing to focus on. Sometimes, dark colours may work for one room and not the other. Or maybe you can paint only a small part of the room with dark colours. Having a bit of knowledge on using the colours strategically is sufficient for an awesome wall finish. In that way, the following rooms are the perfect fit for using dark shades of whatever hues it may be, or you may choose from.

Powder room

Usually, the powder room is small despite the size of the house you live in. So this is the suitable place to paint dark as it is already small in size. Since the powder room is used less compared to any rooms in the house, it doesn’t matter whether you are painting it with dark or light colours. So painting the powder in dark tones gives a decorative punch to the vanity.


Painting the foyer with bold and vibrant colours gives a positive and bright welcome which sounds inviting too! The entryway and foyer usually open up linking other rooms so the dark colours balance the adjacent rooms. if you don’t want to go fully dark, then try an accent wall or paint the ceiling which makes a huge difference with deep tones.

Dining room

Painting your dining room transforms the formal room into something cheerful. Dining room starts your day with cheerful breakfast to pleasant dining at the end of the day. So painting it with bold and cheerful colours instead of light and neutrals can make each day really special. As this room is one of the most-used spaces, changing the colour and furnishings once in a while can make it look new every day. Deep wall colour and light fabric upholstery make a classic combo ever! Make sure it doesn’t look stuffy and crowded.


As the bedrooms is a place just for sleeping and wear off the stress due a tiring day at work, it doesn’t always need to be light and bright. Dark wall colour with light bedding and window treatments balances the room equally. Be careful with choosing the bed linens and window treatment’s texture, design and pattern. Because choosing all dark for the room makes more like a dark well than a bedroom.

Living room

The living room is a place where people talk, watch television and have important family conversations as well. Creating a pleasant view balancing both light and dark colours makes it new than a most-used space of the house. Be it any small or spacious villas in OMR or ECR, transforming the living rooms with a pop of colour to the ceilings with crisp white and use some colour with accessories such as art to create get the look. Additionally, with the right type of lighting the living room looks astonishing when fixed with new airy and light fixtures.

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