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Video Marketing
By ANKITA SHARMA 1,729 views

Popular YouTube Video Marketing Trends of 2020

2019 is the year when YouTube video marketing trends are seeing a rise in the variety and format of videos. These trends are being explored by businesses in order to make their presence felt online and thereby reach out to a larger number of users. As video marketing is becoming popular among more and more users, there are a variety of ways in which a business can post a YouTube video that can appeal to the audience.

Here are some of the top trending YouTube video marketing strategies that can be explored in 2020.

Mobile Mindset

One of the trending strategies of 2019 within the YouTube video marketing space is to keep a mobile-first mindset. As users prefer to use their smartphones instead of tabs and laptops, businesses have to aim at the mobile space when it comes to placement and designing of videos. Fun videos, which can be viewed on smartphones, are being preferred by most users and this is what businesses can use while designing their YouTube marketing strategies.

Relevance Is Key

Businesses today understand the importance of staying relevant to consumers. As competition in each space increases with every passing day, businesses can differentiate themselves by giving out relevant information or content. YouTube videos today are being made as per the demands of consumers or users. 2020 is seeing increasing user dominance as far as designing of video content is concerned. 

Story-Telling to Connect

Every video format should have a story to tell in order to capture the audience’s attention. This is true even for YouTube marketing. If a business wants to position itself or the brand in a certain way, it should try and weave a story around the video content. Once the audience’s attention is captured, it becomes easy for businesses to connect with the users.

Keyword Association

Every keyword that a user searches online gets associated with some of the other search results of brands or businesses. This is when a business has to be careful about placement and association with keywords. A business has to understand what a user is looking for, what their aspirations or expectations are, and how best the brand can be placed to start associating with users. Video marketing has to be done very carefully after studying keyword preferences and relevance.

Capturing Attention

The attention span of online users is getting narrower with every passing day and this is why video marketing has to be done very carefully. Unless a business is able to deliver videos that can easily capture a user’s attention, it doesn’t stand a chance to market itself or grow its audience. YouTube is considered among the top search engines and understanding consumer preferences on YouTube can be a task but a well-rewarding one.

Video Link Connection

When a keyword is searched and a business link is clicked upon, it can easily be converted to a link that can guide users to a video. This could be a YouTube video format or any other preferred format. Videos are generally viewed by audiences when they are searching for something on Google and the link redirects them to a video. This can help capture a user and guide them to a specific product or service.

Unconventional Videos

Boring infomercials are passé in 2020. It is time that businesses start posting videos that are truly informative or entertaining. This means that businesses have to opt for the unconventional video route in order to stand out from the rest of the video marketing strategies. The story has to be original and interesting, but giving a run-of-the-mill video won’t do any benefit to the business.

All of these trending YouTube marketing strategies can help a business in fetching traffic, thereby converting users to consumers. Online presence is not just about the routine web page designing but also about being involved via video marketing that can really connect with the audiences.

Ankita Sharma

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ekta garg
3 years ago

very nice article!