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Zak Bagans Wife
By LARREN SMITH 415 views

Zak Bagans Wife – Is the ‘Ghost Adventures’ Star Married?

Zak Bagans is a famous paranormal investigator and the host of the popular TV show ‘Ghost Adventures’. He has been fascinated by the supernatural since he was a child and has dedicated his life to exploring haunted locations around the world. But what about his personal life?

Does Zak Bagans have a wife or a girlfriend? Is he married or single? In this article, we will try to answer these questions and reveal some interesting facts about Zak Bagans wife and his love life.

Zak Bagans Wife: Is He Married or Single?

Zak Bagans is one of the most famous and successful paranormal investigators in the world. He has been the host and lead investigator of the hit TV show ‘Ghost Adventures’ since 2008.  The show follows Zak and his team as they explore some of the most haunted places on Earth, using various equipment and techniques to capture evidence of the paranormal. Zak has also written several books, produced documentaries, and opened a museum of haunted artifacts in Las Vegas.

But while Zak is very open about his passion for the paranormal, he is very private about his personal life. He rarely talks about his relationships or his family in public. He has never been married and does not have any children.  However, he has been romantically linked to several women over the years, some of whom are also celebrities. Here are some of the women that Zak Bagans has dated or been rumored to date in the past.

Zak Bagans: Dating History

Joanna Krupa

She is a Polish-American model, film star, and advocate for animal rights. Her notoriety stems from her roles as a Playboy Playmate and a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.  It was rumored that she was in a relationship with Zak Bagans in 2012, but they never publicly acknowledged their partnership. They were seen together at a Halloween party and a fundraising event, but it seems they disconnected shortly after.

Brittany Furlan

She is a well-known internet personality from America, as well as an actress and comedian. Her popularity skyrocketed through the video-sharing app Vine, where she was the top female follower. She’s been featured in several films and TV programs, including ‘We Are Your Friends’ and ‘The Dirt.’  She was romantically involved with Zak Bagans from 2014 until 2016, often sharing their photographs and videos on their social media pages.

They also worked together on various projects, such as a short film titled ‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.’ The relationship ended in 2016, and Brittany subsequently tied the knot with musician Tommy Lee.

Christine Dolce

She was an American model, social media influencer, and cosmetologist. She was recognized as the MySpace Queen, having more than a million followers there. She also appeared in magazines such as Playboy and Maxim and had her own clothing line called Destroyed Denim.

She had a brief relationship with Zak Bagans in 2016, but they broke up before she passed away in 2017 due to liver failure caused by alcohol abuse. Zak paid tribute to her on Twitter after her death, saying that she will be missed.

Holly Madison

She is an American model, author, and television personality. She is best known for being one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and starring in the reality show The Girls Next Door. She also wrote a bestselling memoir called Down the Rabbit Hole, where she exposed the dark side of living in the Playboy Mansion.

In 2015, she became engaged to Zak Bagans, but their engagement ended a few months later. They reunited in 2019 when she visited his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. They were rumored to be dating again, as they posted similar photos on Instagram and attended some events together.  However, they never confirmed their relationship status, and they seemed to have split up again in 2020. They stayed in contact and revived their romance in 2023, almost two years after they parted ways.

They appeared together on various occasions and shared similar photos on social media. They looked happy and in love again. Nonetheless, their relationship status is uncertain as of 2023. They have not publicly admitted or rejected their relationship, and they have not uploaded any photos of each other lately. Some sources say that they are still together, while others say that they have broken up again.

Zak Bagans has never tied the knot, and he does not have any kids. He has had several other women in his life, such as Joanna Krupa, Brittany Furlan, and Christine Dolce. Despite having multiple relationships, none of them lasted for a long time. Furthermore, Zak has always been discreet about their personal life.

Bottom Line

Zak Bagans is a successful and famous paranormal investigator, but he has not found his soulmate yet. He has not revealed his plans for the future, and he has not proposed to any of his girlfriends. Maybe one day, he will find the right woman to be his wife. Until then, Zak Bagans wife remains a mystery.

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