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zillow vs trulia
By SUSAN GARCIA 731 views

Zillow vs Trulia : Which One is the Best?

Apps like Zillow vs Trulia have created an evolution in the real estate industry. By giving buyers, sellers, and renters instant information about the listed properties.

In 2021, Zillow had 231 million unique app users. Zillow has connected users with the mobile app containing robust features that help it make a mark in the real estate industry.

But when it comes to differentiation, it is critical to do it between Zillow and Trulia, as both have pretty similar functionalities.

In this article, we will discuss the differences and distinct features of Zillow and Trulia.

But first, let’s read trivia about the Zillow App.

Brief on Zillow:

Zillow: Homes For Sale & Rent - Apps on Google Play

Zillow is a well-known American real estate app founded in 2006 by Lloyd Frink and Rich Barton. The app is free for users and gains revenue from advertising. The primary purpose of Zillow is to help real estate agents connect with their potential customers.

Zillow is a beneficial earning source for property managers, lenders, and real estate owners. It takes care of every aspect, whether buying, selling, or renting.

It is advantageous also to the buyers as their physical visits are converted to virtual tours.

But after listing the property on the app, there is a measure to compute the value known as Zestimates.

Now, let’s learn about Zillow’s Zestimate and how it benefits users.

What are the Zillow Zestimates? How is it beneficial for the end-users?

Zillow has a Zestimate feature that will help the user evaluate the market value of the property listed. The valuation is calculated based on the tax records, similar sold buildings of the location and the user-submitted data.

But, the question is how these zestimates are helping in attracting the most listings. The zestimates algorithm is effective for the better valuation of both on and off-market listings.

Zestimates has a ballpark accuracy and provides better user estimates, which attracts more trust in the platform. The users need to provide some brief information for a better Zestimate.

Now, let’s dive into the brief history of Trulia before moving toward the distinct features of Zillow and Trulia.

Brief on Trulia:

Trulia: Homes For Sale & Rent - Apps on Google Play


Trulia is a real estate website founded in 2005 by Sami Inkinen and Pete Flint. Like Zillow, Trulia is free to access for the users. At the same time, the main focus of Trulia is to Buy, Rent, and Mortgage the property.

It is the pioneer app for users looking for rental accommodation. Trulia’s significant difference, which makes it different from Zillow, is that it shows the property listed even from the neighborhood.

 Let’s go through the estimates of Trulia and how effective they are for the app users.

What are Trulia’s estimates? How is it beneficial to the end-users?

Trulia’s estimate works on the same algorithm as the Zillow zestimates. The pioneer difference is that Zillow shows on and off-market listings. In contrast, Trulia tends to serve only off-market listings.

The median error of the Trulia estimates is a minimum of 5%, 10%, and 20% of the final sales price. It helps the end-users give accurate estimates, attracting more buyers and renters to the platform.

Now, Let’s move on to the differences between Zillow and Trulia.

Zillow vs Trulia: Key Differences

Zillow acquired Trulia in 2015 for around $2.5 Billion. But both have their distinct features.

  • User Experience:- Zillow has a fantastic graphical interface, whereas Trulia is a simpler website. Both apps will help the user explore the city entered by the buyer.
  • Listing Properties:- Zillow operates in the USA and Canada. Moreover, Trulia mainly serves in the USA.
  • Listing Procedures:-In Zillow, the user needs to open the app and claim the home by searching the address. However, as you register in Zillow within 24 hours, it will automatically appear in Trulia.
  • Market Value:- Zillow will help do it with the zestimates we discussed previously. Trulia estimates will add the monthly costs and the crimp data.

These are the key differences by which Zillow and Trulia can see some distinction; otherwise, they are part of a similar corporate owner.

Which one is better: Zillow vs Trulia?

However, except for certain distinct features, they have the same way of accessing. But if the end-user finds the property for rent, then Trulia will be a better option for the search in the neighborhood. However, suppose the customer is the owner looking to sell or buy the residential property. In that case, Zillow will be better to adapt.

For your real estate business, it is essential to have an app like Zillow or Trulia, but let’s figure out whether it is a profitable idea or not.

Is it profitable to build an app like Trulia vs Zillow?

 In 2021, Zillow generated revenue of whooping 810 crores. It is apps like Zillow and Trulia which helps the users gain access quickly. The main reason for its transformation is that technology makes it much easier for the consumer to get attached to the business.

So, suppose you are planning to make a profitable business like Zillow or Trulia from your real estate business. In that case, your business needs mobile app development services to add that ease for the property listings to your customers.


“Home is a starting place of Love, Hope, and Dreams”.

Due to the real estate apps, there will be no hassle for months finding the estate agents’ contacts, as the perfect home will be just a click away. The apps like Zillow will also help these agents to connect with more buyers.

Whether your business wants to follow the footprints of Zillow vs Trulia for the real estate business, you need a better user experience. From these distinct features, you can adopt a better business mobile app for your end user as per their need.

Susan Garcia

Susan Garcia is a writer by heart. She loves to travel and gain new experiences. Susan is also a wellness specialist with many years of experience.