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1 Gravity Reviews
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Best Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter is here! That time of the year for everything parties, festivities, and fun. The time when your hair needs your hair to be at its best. However, this cold weather is not always your hair’s best friend and is sure to take its toll on your hair in some ways. The chill outside, the heat inside, the arctic air, all of these will do more than good leading to dry, rough, brittle, breakage-prone hair. Not only that, you might find yourself itching your scalp regularly as a result of the dry, dandruff-packed scalp. That is why you need an altered hair routine to keep your hair at its best during this winter. Here, 1 Gravity, a reputable hairdressing salon in Singapore provides expert tips for a healthy, happy mane all winter long. While at it, check out 1 Gravity reviews for more on how clients are raving on the best hair care services they received from the company. 

Wash your hair the right way: Wash your hair less frequently

If you love shampooing your hair every time, you might have to cut down on that this winter season. The shampoo contains chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural oils and leads to dry hair. Hence. If you are shampooing your hair every day, go for 1-3 times a week. While at it, use a mild shampoo that does not contain sulfates, alcohol, and dyes as they can be too harsh for your hair.  

Follow up with a conditioner for nutrient

A deep conditioning hair mask can make a whole lot of difference when dealing with dry, damaged hair. That is why you will have to commit to regular deep conditioning to keep your hair healthy. After shampooing, always follow up with deep conditioning for nutrients. Your hair needs all those “goodies” for deep hydration, nutrients, and protection from the harsh weather. The good news there are a lot of homemade deep conditioning recipes that are great for all hair types if you are on a tight budget. You do not have to break the bank for perfect hair this winter. 

Avoid hot water issues

As much as hot water can be very tempting during this season, this is one of the things to be avoided. Hot water can strip your hair of its natural oils that serve as protection. This will leave your hair with no oil and leave it looking dry and brittle. Hence, before you dip your head into the steamy, hot water, lower the temperature to lukewarm before washing your hair. Then use cool to cold water to rinse out after washing to sealing the nutrient and prevent it from escaping. 

Lock in moisture with an oil-based product

Not only after washing your hair but also every day for healthy, shiny hair at this time. Regularly use a leave-in conditioner and apply oil to your hair to help keep in the moisture and keep dryness at bay. Apply a few drops of oil to your strands and ends before you go to bed and wake up with moisturized, shiny hair in the morning. 

Allow your hair to air dry

Heat styling tools no doubt can be damaging to your hair as it draws out moisture. This can be even more damaging in winter as your hair is having difficulty withholding moisture. The best alternative is to allow your air to dry. While at it, avoid stepping out into the cold with wet hair as it is more susceptible to freeze and breakage. If you must step out, use a hairdryer place on a cool setting and hold it a bit far away from your hair. Better still, modify your hair care routine and wash your hair in the evening. 

Protect your hair with the right accessories

Cover your hair with a scarf or hat to not only keep your head warm but also to protect your strands from the wind, cold and harsh elements. Although this can mean saying bye to those awesome hairdos, you can still rock those accessories with style when you pick the right one!

For all your hair needs, 1 gravity is your best plug. Go through 1 Gravity reviews for more information. 

1Gravity Reviews

1Gravity is a Hairdressing salon which delivers fashionable and customized hair styles to our clients. Check 1 Gravity reviews for our best provided services.

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