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1 Gravity Reviews
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1 Gravity Reviews | How to Choose the Best Hair Salon

There are thousands of hairdressing and beauty salons flooding the street of Singapore. However, getting the right one that meets your needs can be a daunting task. From getting the hair color to getting a nice haircut, to recreating your favorite celebrity’s hairstyle, everyone understands the importance of getting the right salon for your hair needs and care. The point is it’s your hair, it should be treated right.

It holds a lot of importance and value to you and you need someone who will understand and respect it as well. Moreover, hair horror stories are the last thing you want to encounter…Nah. Plus, you want someone with whom you can trust with this vital part of you(your hair) and can easily communicate with. Hence,  whether you have recently relocated or you are tired of the waiting hours at your recent hairstylist, or maybe your recent hair salon isn’t just cutting it anymore, you might need to put in time some effort and time to get the right fit. Here,  1 Gravity, one of the best  Hairdressing salons in Singapore provides expert tips and tricks to choose the best hair salon. Before diving in, go through the  1 Gravity reviews to see how these salon has won the heart of many over the years. 


Your best bet when it comes to choosing the right salon is by asking for recommendations. Whether it’s a coworker whose hair you admire, a friend, or a family member who just got a superb haircut, simply ask them for the hair salon and their contacts. If the person is someone you trust, and they have the same hair type as you, you are simply on the winning side.  


A good hair salon should have an online presence and most of them are only a google away. Moreover, there are so many social platforms where you can find the salon that will put a stop to your days of searching for the right one. Google, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, your options might be endless, but you still need to carefully go through the stylists’ profile. There should be testimonials and reviews like 1 Gravity Reviews for your perusal that can allow you to make informed decisions. 


When you finally get a hair salon that picks your interest, the next thing you don’t want to ignore is consultation. At this point, you want to know their expertise, skills, and experiences. You want to access if the stylist will be able to understand what you need and have what it takes to get it done. For instance, if you are going coloring, or you are craving for a particular hairstyle or a complicated treatment, look for someone that specializes in that area.  A consultation will also give you a feel of their personality and see if they vibe with yours. This is an important step, after all, your hairstylist will be someone you will deal with for a long time and one you need to trust.  


How a salon maintain the standard of hygiene also speaks volume on how the hairstylist values their customer and in what regard they hold their business. This will also impact your overall experience. That is why you want to choose a salon that values cleanliness if you don’t want to go home with germs, bacteria, or any other disease. During the consultation, check out the environment to see if the floors are clean if the countertops are tidy and if there are no spilled products, and many more. 


As said earlier, you want a hair salon that vibes with yours. Check out the hairstylists’ demeanor, their professionalism, and how comfortable you feel being in the salon. If you aren’t comfortable staying there, your search is not over yet. 

For all your hair care needs, 1 Gravity is here to help. Stop by 1 Gravity reviews to see how many are having the best hair experience ever!

1Gravity Reviews

1Gravity is a Hairdressing salon which delivers fashionable and customized hair styles to our clients. Check 1 Gravity reviews for our best provided services.