Top 10 Apps to Manage Business

Have you started a new business recently? If you have, you might have got the idea that setting up a business is hard, but managing it is harder. The most challenging task of every business owner is to streamline different activities. However, in this digital era, it’s not very difficult.

If you know the use of the right apps, managing your business can become a lot easier for you.

Here we’re pinpointing some cool apps for you. They are all easy to use and can add value to your business in different ways.

Let’s start our discussion.

Best apps to manage your business

1. SurveyMonkey

You need to know what your customers want and demand from you. A few years ago, organizations would have to create products and services depending on guesswork.

However, now that apps like SurveyMonkey are available, you can actually have an insight into the needs of the customers.

This app lets you create surveys to collect feedback from your target customers. Furthermore, this app can be integrated with email inboxes, social media apps, and more.

Hence, you can share your survey results wherever you want. There are both free and premium versions available.

2. DropBox

Cloud computing is the future. If you’re looking for cloud storage, DropBox is where your search should end. You can sync files of different formats in any medium you prefer without facing the issue of data loss.

This app is available in the mobile app version as well. Large businesses may not find this app useful, but for small and new businesses, DropBox can be highly convenient. Many flexible storage plans won’t create a hole in the pocket for small business owners.

3. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is another cloud computing app that small business owners like you can use. For any business, invoicing is a difficult job.

You need to make simple and personalized invoices for each of your customers. Want to do all those tasks effortlessly? Go for FreshBooks. This app lets you perform invoicing and billing activities with great ease. You can also track your business expenses from time to time with this app.

So, you’ll have an idea about the expenses that you need to control. There are tons of invoice templates for you to download.

FreshBooks is a premium app but it is totally worth the money you spend.

4. PayPal

In any business, collecting payments from national and international clients is a must.

If you’re having a hard time processing payments from your clients, you should switch to PayPal at the earliest. PayPal lets you process payments from all kinds of sources like credit cards, etc. right through your phone. PayPal charges only 2.7% of each payment you receive. Considering the other available payment apps, it is far more cost-effective.

However, to enjoy the benefits of PayPal, you need to have a PayPal account. A bank account won’t work here.

5. G-Suite

This is another cool app that can totally uplift your business activities. G Suite is responsible for porting files and other documents from one smart device to another. A standard G Suite software offers you storage worth 10 GB. If that’s not sufficient, you can always upgrade to the premium version of G Suite. You can create anything you prefer including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and whatnot!

In fact, you can send professional emails with this software by using their formal templates designed for this purpose only.

So, why don’t you go for this classic business management app?

6. Slack

With the competitive business environment of the present times, what is the one way to stay in touch with your customers? Well! The answer will be instant messaging. This also works for interpersonal communication among employees.

Why write long emails and wait for replies when you can shoot an instant message? Slack can be helpful that way. You can enjoy this instant messaging app on your phone or PC. For new businesses that have not yet built a proper employee communication channel, Slack should be your ultimate choice.

You can go for the free or premium version of this app. It is a productivity booster for your business.

7. Skype

Do you hire remote employees or freelancers? Are you planning to offer work-from-home facilities to your employees at the time of the pandemic? Well, Skype can be your go-to app.

Make all your employees install this app, and start video conferencing. Skype has effectively reduced the need to go to the office. You can now hire employees residing in remote locations without making any compromises with the work quality.

Skype offers facilities like video conferencing, audio conferencing, screen sharing, instant messaging and so much more. You can always conduct a meeting on Skype by adding as many as 25 members.

8. Evernote

Sometimes, businesses need simple applications. Have you ever felt that your simple needs are not getting satisfied? Well, one such need would be note-taking. Taking notes is very important in business meetings.

Gone are the days when people would note down important information in their notebooks. Go for the Evernote app to maintain a professional and organized approach. Take notes, set reminders, make to-do lists, and also go for sharing those lists with others.

The premium version of the Evernote app is also available with more advanced facilities like project and workflow management, deadline tracking, and so on.

9. Polaris Office

Is there any business where spreadsheets and documents are not required? I guess no. No matter how small or big your business is, you need such facilities. Polaris Office lets you create and edit such documents on your mobile phone. How cool is that?

It is also an advantage of Polaris Office that its premium version is cost-effective and charges you only $5 a month. You can edit any document on your phone without facing any difficulties.

Being a small business owner, if your budget is limited, this app can help you in spending lesser amounts to buy an office suite.

10. Upward

We’ll conclude our list with Upward. Have you ever considered creating a to-do list? In our opinion, you must start making one. A to-do list lifts the burden off your shoulder and your productivity can improve.

For example, you’re hiring new candidates for a job position. By installing Upward, you can streamline your activities. Start with easy job posting, sort out suitable and deserving applicants, search and download resumes, and more.

Upward also comes with instant messaging where you can communicate with the candidates directly. This premium app may charge as high as $90 per month, but it is totally worth it.

Final words

We have listed only 10 mobile apps for managing businesses carefully. There are many more to this list. All these apps were created with the primary aim of assisting new business entrepreneurs. You can use these apps to optimize your business operations regularly.

We have listed 10 very different apps and you can select based on your requirements. Also, do you have any queries? Do you agree or disagree with our list? Let us know in the comments section. We’ll love to hear from you. Also, we promise to revert back.

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