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5 areas of home construction necessary for extensive waterproofing!
By ALAN CARTER 2,574 views

5 areas of home construction necessary for extensive waterproofing!

All those who think house construction is only about bricks and cement, then you need to increase your knowledge in this field. When we talk about house construction, it also requires your house to be extremely strong, solid, and long-lasting. And whatever you do, if you aren’t carrying out the important step of waterproofing the essential areas, then the house is vulnerable to massive water leakages which can actually destroy all that you built during the construction.

Essential areas requiring waterproofing while housing construction!

Though each and every part of your house requires proper consideration and solid waterproofing while the construction work is going on, you have to especially think of these below-listed areas when the house is being built. Hydroproof, providing waterproofing membrane in NZ is the best team to call for the completion of this task. They are pretty neat and expert in this work making sure that the important areas of your house are ready for the coming decades.

Roof leakages are the most dangerous ones in the building. If you miss protecting these during the construction, you’ll have to pay a hefty sum when the next rains arrive. These leakages are sure to enter your interiors and damage the decorations. And don’t forget, even the exterior walls get weak due to the water coming from the leaking roof.

  • Bathroom waterproofing

A bathroom is all about moisture and lots of water. Don’t forget you need waterproofing here the most. Because a leakage here can actually make you redo the entire interiors of your bathroom.

  • Basement waterproofing

A basement without waterproofing is surely going to damage your construction very soon. This room may be at the base of the house, but the leakages found here bring in terrible mess and infestation to the house. Not to forget the added coldness and moisture in the place because of the prevalent dampness. And if you want to prevent flooding around your house, never ever miss the waterproofing of your basement.

  • Floor waterproofing

Let’s not ignore the fact that the floor in your home requires solid support of waterproofing as well. Missing this would only make you bear the loss of beauty and long life of your wonderful floor. (And yes, we aren’t forgetting the mess you have to frequently clean when there’s extreme flooding and leaks happening in the house).

  • Terrace and balcony waterproofing

Whether you have a very elaborative long terrace or it’s just a compact balcony, the need to waterproof it couldn’t be underestimated. Because a leakage happening from here ultimately gets attributed to your walls (exterior and interior).

Practically, these sides are called the solid base and support your house’s foundation. And that is the reason you can’t risk the sturdiness of these sections just because you missed the waterproofing steps. There are actually various types of waterproofing like membranes, liquid waterproofing, etc which if carried out by the experts are definitely going to make your home tough and strong.  

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