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Everyone has a unique way of looking at the world. Some do it through the perspective of science and fact, while others, such as myself, have an artist’s eye. I tend to preserve fleeting moments and life experiences using photography as my medium. And I have been doing so ever since I could learn how to hold a camera.

If you’re serious about the art of photography and have experimented with its types, then you need to get your hands on the perfect gear which not only complements your learning needs but has a comfortable touch. Each year, new varieties of cameras are introduced on the scene. Keep an eye out and you’ll eventually find the ideal match. As for me, I have a Canon 6D as my personal travel companion, which has had my back since forever. But I’m thinking about bringing in a modified version this year to take more effective shots of foreign landscapes and cultures. What are the features that I’d like my new travel camera to have? Check them out below. Perhaps, they can help you with your own purchase too.

Wider Camera Lens

Selective Focus Photography


My Canon 6D’s 17-40 mm lens has been good enough up till now. I’ve tried to upgrade it here and there with an APS-C sensor (1.6 x crop factor), a micro four-thirds (2 x crop factor) and even a full-frame DSLR, etc. But still, my desire for an ultra-wide-angle lens has not been met with fairly. Thus, the need for a new camera. An advanced version with an amazing wide-angle lens that will expand my photographic repertoire, and help me with the architectural shoots will be heavenly.

Auto Updates

Software updates are super important for any piece of tech because they’re jam-packed with advanced features and bug-fixing capabilities. If you don’t update the firmware of your devices, then you’re probably depriving them of a place in the future. Same goes for cameras.

However, the whole process of plugging the camera via a lead into a PC, looking for firmware updates and then downloading them—not knowing whether they’ve been rightly received by the camera’s software or not—sounds incredibly cumbersome, right?

That is why I’m looking for a camera that can auto-update itself over a secure connection (click here to get one), just like my iPhone does. It’ll improve the whole hardware experience a thousand-fold.

Low Light Focusing

Architectural Photography of Inside Building


I’m a sucker for the dark. Going out in the middle of the night to photograph the sleeping cities has a special appeal of its own. Not only that, I often like to cover old buildings which have interesting shadowy corners, each hiding something special if seen from a particular angle.

For this purpose, I’m in need of a camera which can capture the low light sites with better focusing. My Canon 6D works okay-ish. But just like any other passionate photographer, I want better results.

Built-in HDR & GPS

Who doesn’t want a camera that yields a better dynamic range and a sharper location tracking? I know I do.

As regards the HDR, my old Canon 6D does possess this feature, but it only works with the Jpeg format. How disconcerting! Due to this limitation, I only get to shoot in RAW. That is why a camera with a built-in HDR is a must-have!

Moreover, GPS placement in a camera is an incredible feature – an absolute for those who do travel photography especially. Having to go back to places and dates when you’re uploading your work is a drag. A camera which automatically does that for you is nothing short of a blessing. Am I right or am I right?

Touchscreen Control

Woman taking a mirror selfie of her camera


Buttons are a thing of the past. Now, it’s the time for the future, and the future means touchscreen technology, especially for the cameras. Alongside this luxury feature, I’d like my next camera to be light and portable as well.

Wrapping Up

So, whenever you do decide to buy a new camera, consider these aforementioned features. I know I’ll do.

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Rimsha Ather
Rimsha Ather
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