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Most medical professionals estimate that about 4 out of every 5 people will experience back pain in their lifetime, and as much as half of those people will experience it in their lower back. In today’s world, where modern technology encourages people to sit for long hours in front of their laptops at work or engage in an inactive lifestyle, lower back pain is a common problem.

Since we all live a busy life, with little time for proper rest, exercise, and nutrition, devoting time to take care of our body is a leading problem. No wonder, back pain is so common today. The bad news is that when back pain sets in, it can be quite difficult to get rid of it. However, with the help of a Kroll Care chiropractor and proper rehabilitation exercises, you can restore the good health of your back, but note that it can be a lengthy and time-consuming process unless you address it on time. When lying down, you should use the right pillow and mattress, check out Civilized Health toppers for back pain guide.

The good news is that preventing lower back pain is not difficult. By making some time in your day and following some precautionary measures, you can keep the health of the spine in the best condition and avoid problems that lead to lower back pain.

1.     Take Short Breaks When at Work

So many office-based jobs in the United States require their staff to sit at a desk for nine hours or extended hours. If you find yourself under this description, then your back health could suffer without proper maintenance daily. You should know that sitting stationary for more than an hour at a time ends up creating great pressure on the back muscles and spinal discs, which can lead to long-term back pain. In the future, this could also lead to posture issues and chronic health.

However, fear not because you do not need to quit your job to save your lower back! Without having to invest in ergonomic solutions like a standing desk, you can simply start by stretching and standing up, or walk to the water cooler for a few minutes every half an hour. In addition to protecting the health of your back muscles, this habit also adds a big bonus. It increases your ability to manage time and keeps you accountable for your productivity at work.  When sitting at work, a properly adjusted ergonomic chair can serve as your back’s best friend and pain management Woodstock partner. You can reinforce the chair with a backrest or a small cushion for added back support.

2.     Stay Well-Hydrated

You should know that water makes up about two-thirds of your body and the discs between the spinal bones usually have water. Ensuring proper hydration helps to keep your spinal discs healthy and in the right working order. Along with proper hydration, it is also important that you add in some aerobic exercises into your routine. Dedicate about half an hour every day to ensure proper movement of your spine.

3.     Resist Slouching

When you develop a long-term slouching habit, it can be a problem to correct it because it would feel unnatural at first. However, if you train yourself to become conscious of your posture, this is a critical part of maintaining not only the spinal alignment but the whole health of your body too. Know that good earlier in life is also a great weapon against the much-dreaded hunchback than can accompany aging. To avoid slouching or slumping when sitting, you can start by sitting with your legs uncrossed, back straight, and feet flat on the floor. Focus on your upper body and make the right efforts to keep your shoulders in a relaxed position. While walking, take care to stand tall, straight, and shift most of your weight on your heels. When lying down, you should use the right pillow and mattress.

4.     Spinal Alignment Sessions

Seeking manual therapies such as chiropractic adjustments is a vital line of defense against lower back pain as well as neck pain. If you visit your chiropractor regularly, rest assured that this could include anything from spinal alignments to education about exercises at home and rehabilitative care. Well-tuned spinal health can take the stress away from the nerves and organs surrounding the spine, hence promoting good posture.

5.     Maintain a Stable Weight

Being overweight puts an extra amount of pressure on your lower back pain. If you are carrying more weight than your normal one, through proper exercise and diet you can lose those pounds and take extra pressure off your back. Since the weight of our body rests on our feet, the position of the ankle is vital to the steps we take each day. For this reason, shoe insoles that facilitate proper alignment of the ankle can increase the comfort of your steps.

To free yourself from lower back pain, it is advisable that you seek the help of professional chiropractors. Along with incorporating these tips into your daily routine, you can optimize your body posture by visiting a chiropractor and seeking chiropractic manipulations for better spine health.

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