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Your kitchen is the center-stage where culinary art is practiced. That is why you need to keep it up-to-date with the current design trends. The following are some of the most amazing remodeling tips which you can hope to find anywhere. The best thing about them? Totally DIY and budget-friendly! Check them out below.

The Bright White Effect

A cabinet is a crucial component of any kitchen. This is where you store the silverware, plates and dishes, Tupperware, cooking utensils, the delicate china, and whatnot. If your cabinets are sturdy and in a good condition, then you don’t need to replace them. Save your money by simply giving the existing cabinets a new look. This is where the ‘bright white effect’ comes in. A smooth layer of semi-gloss white paint can bring your old cabinets to life and create a sense of visual expansion in the kitchen. Give it a try.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops

If your current granite countertop is chipping and cracking, then it’s time to remodel it. The ideal replacement medium in this scenario would be concrete. Trust me. I know how it sounds. But the look that it renders at the end is quite impressive. Creating a concrete countertop is not an easy DIY project, but it’s totally doable. You can watch an online tutorial, while you mix the ingredients, and have fun in the process. It’s super inexpensive! Still, if you don’t like the grey finish, then here’s a quick hack for you. Use linoleum flooring tiles to cover the countertop up and frame it with aluminum trim. This cost-effective measure will go a long way. What’s more, you can place a tablet stand on the countertop for an added-futuristic look and watch a game on the BTN channel while cooking.

Peel-and-Stick Backsplash

Looking for smart and inexpensive tiling options? Then, go no further than the peel-and-stick backsplashes. Yes, these self-adhesive wall tiles are made of a waterproof foam vinyl, which gives them a clean finish and a heat + humidity-resistant quality. These are very easy to install and remove, doing next to zero damage to the original walls. Most importantly, the peel-and-stick backsplashes come in a mind-blowing variety of designs. There’s the stainless steel look, hard oak wooden dream, multi-colored mosaic, white quarry interlocked, hexagon marble, and whatnot. Choose whichever you like best and jazz up your kitchen walls with minimum effort, money, and mess.

Warm Lighting

Well-planned lighting makes all the difference. I’ve got two tips for you in regards to that. One, you can change the overall look of your kitchen by making the best use of the natural daylight. Here’s an idea. Paint the window panes in beautifully stained glass colors and allow the sunlight to filter through them, making kaleidoscopic patterns on the floor. Oh, this will surely look marvelous! Two, you can buy dimmable light fixtures from the market which will allow you to adjust the ambiance during the night. Turn up the warm white lights when you’re cooking and tone them down during your romantic dinner. Make use of pendant lamps and under-cabinet lights to add extra depth.

Updated Appliances

One of the best ways to give your kitchen a new feel is by modifying your appliance game. Get rid of that old faucet and bring in a trendy one, which has a better utility and design. Replace your old pans with new ones, purchased at a great deal (keep a lookout for these especially). I know a girl who went to a restaurant supply and salvage store and came out with a new commercial oven. The point is that there are always sales and promotions going on at home depots. Do take advantage of these when you can.

So, if you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, then do give the aforementioned tips a try. They will not disappoint you.

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