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Did you know that you don’t have to buy a new carpet just because your old one is a bit damaged? Buying a new carpet every time someone spills something on your old one can be pretty expensive and unnecessary. Carpets are the one thing in your house that you need to clean regularly in order to make them last longer. Here you will learn all about reviving and cleaning your old carpets and giving them another chance at life.

  1. Deep-cleaning

Vacuuming your carpet regularly is ok but sometimes not even regular vacuuming can help it. You will easily notice this by the faded color of your carpet, by its matted appearance and by dust clouds coming out of it.

This is when deep-cleaning comes into play to restore your carpet’s old look. Start by vacuuming it, then take out your ammonia-based carpet cleaning solutions and start rubbing it into your carpet.

Deep cleaning

2. Getting rid of those pesky dents

Furniture often leaves those pesky dents on our beautiful carpets. But don’t be sad because you can solve this problem pretty fast without having to get rid of your carpet. Heat, steam and even ice can help you deal with this.

Try using the steam from steam-irons, or warm air from blow-dryers to get the fibers of your carpet back in place. Ice-cubes placed on the dented spots can also do the job. After the cube has melted, take a dry cloth and rub it gently into the carpet. And voila, your carpet is again dent-free!

3. Dealing with severely damaged carpets

No matter how much care we put into the upkeep of our carpets, the unpredictable situations can occur and destroy all our hard work. Probably the most common carpet damage stains. Stains happen all the time, especially if your carpet is in the place where you eat. Food and drink stains are probably the most common ones. Dealing with this type of carpet damage isn’t difficult, you just need to get yourself effective cleaning solutions or you can even DIY them.

Other unpredictable situations include floods. Regardless of the reason the flood happened, water can severely damage our carpets.

Dealing with water damaged carpets can be tricky. The main thing you should do is remove the water and let the carpet completely dry in order to prevent mold from growing. The next thing is to pick up all the dirt and debris from the carpet by slowly and thoroughly vacuuming. Then start shampooing your carpet with a brush, rinse the carped as long as the water coming out is dirty. Repeat this process until you’re sure the carpet is clean. Then let the carpet dry.

If all this sounds too complicated for you, don’t worry. There are professionals who do quality carpet restoration and even offer a 24/7 emergency service for when those unfortunate situations happen. These people are highly experienced and will make sure your carpet looks as good as new after they’re done with it.

4. Refresh its color

Faded carpets are ugly carpets but they don’t have to stay ugly. Start by vacuuming your carpet first, then apply saltwater with a cloth to it – only a small amount to avoid getting your carpet too wet. After the carpet has dried, once again vacuum the salt residue from your carpet.

If you want to prevent color from fading in the first place, make sure not to expose your carpet to sunlight too much. Use blinds and curtains as much as possible.

5. Stop your carpet from shedding

Some carpets, no matter how old or new, just won’t stop shedding especially woolen ones. All this carpet shedding can be pretty annoying and it can definitely make you want to throw your carpet out.

One solution could be getting a carpet padding that is placed underneath your carpet. This padding may not immediately stop the shedding but it can protect your rug’s fibers from unnecessary wear.

Another way of dealing with shedding is by brushing or grooming your carpet as often as needed. There are even carpet rakes sold especially for this purpose. However, try not to use wired brushes as you wouldn’t want to be too harsh on the carpet fibers.

Vacuuming is another solution. Vacuum at least once a week (if not twice). Use vacuums that don’t have too strong suction or beater bars as they can damage your carpet.

As you can see, a bit of TLC and your old carpet will look as good as new. Don’t rush by trying to get rid of your old carpet immediately. Doing this will not only be expensive but also unnecessary as almost any carpet can be restored and revived. If you don’t know how to do this by yourself, you can always contact professionals who will expertly deal with your carpet problems.

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