Whether you’re a family-run, the homespun business of artisanal, handcrafted goods operating out of an ETSY store and your garage, or you’re a Fortune 500 company selling bespoke services and high-end products, it’s always beneficial to be able to boost your sales. But you might be wondering how this is possible. If you’re looking to grow your revenue and your brand name, why not try out these tips and tricks to boost your sales?

Invest in a Skilled SEO Partner

It’s imperative that you invest in a skilled, professional SEO partner. An SEO partner can work with you to ensure that your business is the very first search result that appears when people go looking for the service you provide. This visibility will make or break you, so don’t underestimate the power of targeting specific keywords and getting to the top of search results for those search terms.

Engage Organically With Your Audience

Target demographics can tell when your marketing or approach is forced or insincere. Whether you’re one person or staff of over 500, your business should have a unified, authentic voice and brand that allows your natural passion for the product and love of customer service to shine through. In all your communications, try to incorporate your personality, humor, dreams, and long-term goals. Even if you’re a huge company, people love to feel like they’re doing business with a real, fully-rounded individual. Authenticity and drive will keep customers coming back to you again and again.

Consider Offering Enticing Bargains and One-Off Deals

Once you’ve won customers over with your dazzling personality, why not also offer them a financial or material incentive to keep them sweet? Bargains and one-off deals are a great way to move stock and grow your visibility. Plus, once people have a taste of the amazing products and services you’re offering (at a lower price than you would usually charge) they’ll be sure to come back for more – meaning that you make money in the long-run, and they are satisfied with their purchases. Everybody wins!

Create a Mailing List or Newsletter

A mailing list or newsletter is a great way to keep your customer base informed of your updates, innovations, special offers, and successes. This also relates to the first tip, as it’s an opportunity to really let your voice and personality shine through. Make sure that you’re not bombarding customer’s inboxes with daily blasts – nobody likes receiving spam – instead, keep your communications spaced a reasonable amount of time apart (but not so long that your base forgets about you!) and make sure they only contain entertaining and pertinent information. You can combine this with the above tip, too, and offer customers a discount or some other incentive when they sign up, so that you can grow your mailing list fast.

Don’t Forget The Power of Word of Mouth

Before the internet, businesses and empires rose and fell on their reputations and word of mouth. Ask your customers to leave online reviews, and to tell their friends and families about you if they’re satisfied with your service. You can also visit trade fairs, or speak at local events, to build a buzz surrounding you and what you can offer. You’d be surprised how quickly positive impressions can spread.

Now that you’re aware of these effective techniques, are you ready to go out and boost your bottom line?

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Joe Maillet
Joe Maillet
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