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Home improvement is a continuous process. You can always find ways to increase your home’s beauty, functionality, or value. Whichever of those reasons you have for taking on some home improvements, here are six suggestions for options that can really give your home a boost.

Updated Lighting

Like most home improvements, new lighting has benefits in both appearance and value. New light fixtures just look better. They improve the aesthetics of the room or the outdoor space where they’re used. They also help direct light onto surfaces for a great look, such as when floodlights shine up onto a stone wall. New lighting is also practical. Lighting under cabinets or inside closets makes daily routines easier and safer. Using LED bulbs in new or existing fixtures saves money, and improved lighting design helps illuminate a room more efficiently by directing the light into the areas where it’s needed most.

Backup Power

Of course, great lighting and efficient HVAC are worthless when the power goes off. Nobody likes to find themselves in the dark and worrying about high temperatures or spoiled food in the refrigerator. That’s why a backup indoor generator can be an excellent improvement for your home. Powered by natural gas or another fuel source, these units wait patiently outside your home until they detect a power failure from the grid. They start automatically and power essential home systems until the electricity is restored, then shut themselves off. It’s a great arrangement for anyone but especially for people in rural areas where outages may linger for several days.

Native Landscaping

One thing that always boosts a home’s value is when it requires little maintenance. Most families are busy and prefer not to spend a lot of time with routine upkeep. Simply keeping the house clean and the lawn mowed is enough, so any other landscape elements that require unnecessary work are a big turn-off. Native plants in the landscape are much easier to take care of. They don’t require constant care when temperatures move outside their preferred range. They also don’t struggle to stay alive in conditions that are drier or wetter than they need. Work with local nurseries to find plants that will do well in your area so there won’t be such a struggle for you or a future owner to keep the landscape looking great.

Improved Heating & Cooling

A major concern for every homeowner is the condition of the heating and cooling system. Whether you’re trying to sell your house or just hoping to stay comfortable during extreme weather, you should pay some attention to the performance and reliability of your HVAC. A big part of that is maintenance. Using a good contractor for furnace maintenance in Utah County or your particular locale will keep your system at peak performance, lowering its energy consumption and extending the life of critical parts like fans and compressors. The better care you take of your HVAC, the better care it will take of you.

Home Security

One upgrade that’s always well-received by owners and potential buyers alike is a security system. Today’s setups have fewer false alarms and provide more services than previous generations. You can easily install a wireless setup that monitors for intruders, smoke, and carbon monoxide, all controlled through a smartphone. Video surveillance and interactive doorbells are also good additions. The very presence of setups like these help deter would-be intruders. They can also help prevent crimes of opportunity like package theft.

Modern Floor Coverings

Once you step inside, you want your home to be durable and clean. Many old flooring materials, especially carpet, require too much cleaning and end up looking bad in just a few years. By removing those outdated coverings and replacing them with newer materials, you can cut cleaning demands and beautify your home. In addition to better carpeting materials, there are also beautiful wood laminates that are easy to install and provide a great look in your home. Some are even suitable for use in bathrooms. They’ll last longer and be much easier to clean than scuffed linoleum, scratched hardwood, or matted carpet.

Final Thoughts

Home improvement is something you can do every day, from the smallest touch-ups right up to major projects. Focus on those that will make your life easier and your home more valuable.

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