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By AMANDA JERELYN 1,785 views

6 Tech Tools To Optimize Your Business To Be More Generative

100 million start-ups are set up every year makes it to more than 3 start-ups every second. You can easily have an idea about the tough competition you have. To stand tall amongst the others and maintaining your stability, you need to work hard. However, in this era of technology, hard work along with the smart work will benefit you more.

Technology has, by far taken our lives ahead. Either it is a working space or personal life, technology has created a significant impact. So many tools are developed to cope with the various issues we face during work. Utilizing the right tools can lift your business and boost its productivity to another level. Let us have a look at some of the most crucial tech tools.

1. Expensify

Usually, when you are at the initial stages of your start-up, you are handling so many tasks simultaneously. You need to manage logistics, marketing, relations, finance, and more. To relax you and make your job easy in the financial issues, Expensify is your best partner. During the tax season, it reliefs you a lot, working as an accountant for you. It makes it very convenient to track down your income and calculate expenses. Expensify offers a free trial also so this is be the right time to ease yourself a bit and enjoy it free.

2. Hootsuite

With 3.2 billion active users, social media is the biggest platform for every businessman to market their products and engage more customers. Stats and social media gurus reveal that there are some optimal times for online posting. What if you have a busy schedule, but you do not want to miss that moment to go viral. Then, Hootsuite is the best solution for you. You can manage all your social media accounts just from a single platform. Schedule upcoming posts on your social media accounts in your leisure time and get the most of it. It allows you to manage 3 social media platforms for free.

3. MailChimp

Emails are the most used way for communication among the business family, and email marketing pays off. However, it is often challenging to manage your email marketing campaign, analyze it, and grasp the essential insights. With the help of robust reporting, this tool allows you to get statistics and analysis on your email marketing campaign. It can be utilized to test user engagements and making tweaks to boost conversions.

4. Pomodoro Timer

During work, breaks are essential to keep your mind active and relaxed. This practice makes you more productive and creative. However, sometimes, we are so busy with some works that we forget to take essential breaks, and we fed up ultimately. Pomodoro is an app that schedules your routine and reminds you to take breaks accordingly at particular intervals. It enables you to accomplish a large number of tasks effectively.

5. Evernote

By its name this tool allows you to keep notes and make to-do lists. Business persons and entrepreneurs often need to keep so many things on records and highlight many crucial points throughout their day. While moving for the business meetings, searching resources and other works, it keeps you synched with all your devices so that you can access it anywhere you want.

You can store personal or business related information in it to manage the work-life balance perfectly. More you manage, more you will be generative.

“Make it a habit jet things down in a notebook, it will keep you missing out important points. As an entrepreneur, making notes for you must be like drinking water, you do several times a day.”

Mrs. Joe Franklin – Senior Career Counselor at Crowd Writer

6. Asana

To track and organize the workflow in your company, Asana is one of the best tools to work with. As an entrepreneur, you often need to hire remote employees to save money and space. Asana allows you to keep a check on the working of every team member.

There are many more tools that can help you in organizing your business and increasing its productivity. Just be focused at your work and utilize the technology to get yourself ahead of your competitors.

Amanda Jerelyn

Amanda Jerelyn is a recent Masters from the University of London. She has a great interest in technological advancements and how it is reshaping our lives. Apart from that, Amanda works as a marketing executive at Academist Help and owns a website Guide2Write where she assists students regarding referencing issues. She also interacts with students to motivate them for the entrepreneurial life.