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Marc Brattin
By MANOJ RANA 644 views

7 Essential Tips for Newbie Drummers

The drummers are the backbone of any band as they endow the foundation for the musician to follow. They are the crucial part of any band as drummer generate beat as well as timing for other members to follow. These people are liable for playing the rhythm of songs. Actually, one should need to have a sense of timing so that the rest team of the band gives their best.

Hence, there are lots of things that individuals have to take care before playing the drum set. If you are interested in learning how to rock using this musical instrument, then this is the right place. In this article, the newbie drummers get some crucial tips for playing drum set at their best.

Marc Brattin Drummer

Following are 7 Essential tips for the newbie drummers:

  1. Learn Online:

The newbie drummers can learn to play the drum set by watching videos online. But one of the best ways is to take private lessons from some famous drummers. If you search on the Internet, then come to know about Marc Brattin the director of marketing entertainment consultant. He holds an experience of 20 years of offering artist development program.

2. Recording and Analyzing:

It is important for the beginners to record their playing. For becoming the best drummer it requires lots of skills and perfect timing. It is advisable for individuals to record their drum set playing and listen to it again and again. This will help you in analyzing you’re playing and make changes in the beats which does not give you satisfaction.

3. Practice Without any Break:

For the newbie, this is crucial to practice on regular basis. It will take some time to become perfect. And practice makes a man perfect. Hence, this is a good idea to create the practice schedule. You should have to write down how much time you have spent on practicing every week. Along with this, it is also good for the new drummer to decide earlier what they will practice.

4. Work on Transitions:

Do you know that it is really difficult to switch from one beat to another while drumming? Yes, it is! So, this is necessary for the people who start their career as a drum set player to practice transitions. More and more practice makes the beginners more confident in playing every phrase in the song.

5. Get Perfection with Metronome:

Individuals have to develop new techniques of playing the drum set. You can use the metronome in order to develop the techniques as well as the sense of timing.

6. Keep Patient:

It is one of the key factors to keep under consideration for the newbie drummers. As it will take many years to become the best musician so keeping patience is necessary. The drummer should have to give some time to learn new playing patterns.

7. Practice with Other Musicians:

This is a good idea to practice with the music and other drum set players. Listening to music while playing the drums will help you in growing fast.

Manoj Rana

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