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romantic resorts for couples
By AMANDA MILLS 866 views

Relax with your beloved at these 8 romantic resorts across the nation

Do you have a romantic trip planned? Here is a list of the greatest resorts in the country for the comfort of its visitors. These resorts are situated in various areas to provide spectacular views. So, whether you want to visit the beaches or the mountains, you may stay in any of these locations. Surprise your loved ones by making a reservation at one of these resorts and treating them to the facilities available.

The resorts have been carefully chosen to make your journey memorable. Have fun while exploring the neighbouring tourist attractions. The numerous facilities available at these resorts will undoubtedly make your stay unforgettable.

Here are some fantastic resorts, especially for couples, to check out

Stay at one of Udaipur’s most distinctive resorts, The Oberoi Udaivilas, to experience luxury. The resort is at the top of the list thanks to a stunning view from its balcony and several first-rate amenities. Book the most popular spa suites for couples and experience the varied services. There are lily ponds around the resort that are worth visiting and photographing. To make your trip the most romantic, spend a candlelit dinner at a restaurant with your sweetheart.

  • Park Hyatt Resort & Spa, Goa

Want to enjoy the beach and a romantic holiday with your significant other? Book your stay at Park Hyatt Resort & Spa, which is located near the beach and has several intriguing amenities to offer. The resort’s style, like that of the state, is Indo-Portuguese, contributing to the Goan atmosphere. Another excellent aspect of the facility that encourages couples to have some alone time is the spa-style bathing experience.

  • Windflower Resort & Spa, Coorg

What could be more luxurious than being surrounded by lush greenery? Coorg invites visitors to Wildflower Hall for some beautiful experiences. It is an excellent location for a romantic trip. The fresh aroma of the coffee farm will compel you to order some hot coffee and gaze out your own balcony. Although most couples come here for their honeymoon, anyone can come here at any time and have a good time with their significant other.

  • Butts Clermont Houseboats, Srinagar

Interested in taking your better half on a holiday to Kashmir? Make a reservation with Butts Clermont Houseboats. The cosy wooden rooms and tasty cuisine will undoubtedly make you want to stay longer. Couples recognise it as one of the greatest places to stay in the country’s north. Enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one while admiring the vista from here.

  • The Leela, Goa

Want to have some fun? The Leela in Goa is your one-stop answer, and it is a must-visit for couples looking to appreciate the region’s delights. The view and services here are ideal for a romantic getaway for couples. Enjoy the spa with your loved one before jumping into the pool for some fun. The location is well-known for both relaxation and partying. Guests can also participate in a variety of couple-friendly activities.

  • The Tamara, Coorg

Another one from Coorg is The Tamara, which offers a magnificent perspective of the hill town’s lush flora. Because Coorg is already famed for its breathtaking vistas, the resort’s numerous facilities add to the area’s allure. There is also an outdoor pool where couples may enjoy a beautiful time. The experience of staying here will undoubtedly be revitalising. So make use of all the services and go sightseeing with your better half.

  • Suryavilas Luxury Spa and Resort, Himachal Pradesh

Suryavilas Luxury Spa and Resort is a popular destination for couples visiting Himachal Pradesh. It’s ideal for a romantic getaway because there are several activities and a fantastic view. Sip your hot beverage with your loved one while you watch the sun setting behind the mountains. Pamper your loved one with a great spa and a variety of games.

  • Marari Beach Resort, Kerala

While exploring God’s own nation, this beach resort is worth a visit. This unique location for a calm encounter for couples is nestled among the splendour of the greens. It is the ideal moment to schedule a stay here and surprise your loved one. The view from here and the countless services are the greatest that can be imagined. The concept of the sun touching the Arabian Sea will bring an extra flare to your romantic holiday because it is near the beach.



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