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By HOLLYJACOB 3,697 views

What’s So Trendy About Gold Rolls Royce That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Do you have the mind to ask professional artists to commission an automobile for you? If you’re interested in customizing automobiles, then the Rolls Royce brand is the right brand for you. Rolls Royce is allowing its consumers to buy and commission Phantom vehicles. Another Phantom automobile line is here again. It is unique with an open space that the owner can customize as he/she wishes. You may decide to have a custom Gold Rolls Royce or a Silver rolls Royce. After you’re done with the customization, the manufacturer will seal the customized area with car paint. Hence, don’t miss this opportunity and be part of the Phantom customization crew.

In addition, check out Rolls Royce’s vintage automobile collections from 1920 to 1960. If you purchase a vintage car, you may resell it at a higher price later on.

About Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce can be categorized into eighth generations. The 7th generation was last produced with the 2017 line. This newest addition to the Rolls Royce Phantom line has been under production for more than a decade. Hence, many people anticipated its arrival.  It is the first of Rolls Royce automobiles to be produced by BMW since BMW took over the brand.

Rolls Royce indeed took their time to manufacture this latest model. The manufacturers completely changed their manufacturing styles. This new manufacturing style will be employed in producing future models. The vehicle’s body, including the engine, is stronger than in previous models. Therefore, if you purchase the new Phantom, you’re bound to enjoy the car.

The new Phantom uses an electronic steering method that is as efficient as other steering methods. The automobile has high-quality sway bars and the latest car engine. It has a high horsepower, two turbos to make displacements, and a preinstalled GPS. The automobile is equipped with digital maps that can accurately show the driver the way while driving. It will also help the driver navigates bumpy highways with the correct gear.

The plus side that makes this automobile a beloved among car enthusiasts is its noiseless engine. The engine is insulated and doesn’t make a sound. Another keep point is that its tires have components that absorb road sounds. So, if you’re someone who appreciates a soundless car, then the newest Gold Rolls Royce Phantom is for you.

Furthermore, the automobile is digitalized with the latest automotive technology that is user-friendly. It is also interactive and has great intuition.

Even though the vehicle has the latest automotive technology and design, it’s comfortable to sit inside the automobile. You won’t feel the jolt of the roads if you’re passing on a bumpy highway. The lack of sound from the powerful engine gives you room to think or work. You don’t have to shout when you’re talking with other passengers in the vehicle before they can hear you.

Rolls Royce Brief History

The automotive firm has been operating for more than a century. It is a renowned brand that has great prestige globally. Vintage vehicle collectors, royals, the rich, and car enthusiasts love Rolls Royce automobiles.

If you want to purchase a vehicle from the firm, you need to know a little about the automotive firm.

The Rolls Royce Silver Ghost automobile was produced from 1906 until 1923 when the firm stopped manufacturing it. After the car was shown to the public, the manufacturers increased the engine capacity.

It was more advanced than other car models at that time.

Its features are:

  • Two ignitions
  • The engine was lubricated with pressure
  • The carburettor was advanced
  • High-powered and smooth engine

These features made the model flexible and reliable. The powerful engine made Silver Ghost last longer than other models during that period. In fact, many trials were carried out in the UK then to confirm how strong the vehicle was.

1920 Rolls Royce Models

In 1920, Rolls Royce produced a model called the 20HP, which is smaller and cheaper than other models. The Rolls Royce 1920 model was affordable for those with low income in those days.

The manufacturers focused more on the efficiency of operation rather than a luxury. The silver Ghost model was bigger than the 20HP model.

Features of 1920 20HP model:

  • Small vehicle size
  • Smaller engine
  • Smaller chassis
  • Smaller weight
  • Cheaper than other models

1925 – 1929 Car Models

This was the time when the Phantom series was first introduced. It was called Phantom I. It was only manufactured for four years after which it ceased production. Its features are almost the same as Silver Ghost. However, there were slight changes that differentiate this model from Silver Ghost. This feature includes a higher engine capacity.

1960 Rolls Royce Silvercloud Model

The Silvercloud model is a rolls Royce 1960 manufactured vehicle.

In the 21st century, many people are looking to purchase this vintage model. The Rolls Royce Silvercloud model can be purchased at an automotive vintage store.

Features of 1960 Silvercloud model:

  • Luxurious look
  • High performance
  • Smooth and strong engine
  • Higher engine capacity than other models
  • Heavier body weight
  • Increased acceleration
  • Improved speed

So if you want to own a vintage car, go for the 1960 Silvercloud model. It has high capability and speed with a great accelerator. This means that the automobile has more stopping power than the previous models that were manufactured. The downside is that the size of this model is bigger than previous models. Nevertheless, the powerful engine and speed made up for its heavier size. The model can cover many miles within a short period.


From the above write-up, you can see why the latest Phantom is popular among car enthusiasts. It is an automobile that is rated first-class when it comes to quality, luxury, and efficiency. You can customize as much as you want after purchasing the automobile. It’s your choice whether the automobile is a gold Rolls Royce or a silver one. It is the go-to vehicle for the upper echelon of society and a sign of wealth. Its classic and smooth designs make it a vehicle you can show off among your friends. The price reflects its elegance because it is more expensive than other automobile brands.

So if you have purchased a gold Rolls Royce today, slip behind the wheels and go for a luxurious ride.


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