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An engine rebuild is a good decision for those who don’t prefer to buy a zero-meter car. Sometimes your car needs an engine rebuild when the durability limit of the engine comes to an end. The first step, before engine rebuild, is to find a hardworking and experienced mechanic who can boost up the engine with 100 % efficiency. When you feel like, your car engine is not working as it should, and some strange noises are developing in the engine, then it’s the right time to approach your mechanic. Chevy engine is the most renowned engine of past times. Let us discover how to rebuild a 350 Chevy Engine. 

Tools to Rebuild 350 Chevy Engine:

The rebuilding engine process is never easy. Tools are required for the engine re-manufacturing process, including a complete engine kit, cylinder bore ridge reamer, electric drill, and much more. Then it comes to the camshaft bearing tool. The camshaft-bearing tool costs $11.44. Either it’s engine disassembling or reassembling, engine tools are necessary. Without them, you can never perform the process of engine rebuild. Other tools include water displacement lubricant, rod journal protector, timer gear puller, and wheel chocks. To set pistons at their place, a piston ring compressor is required. Just to lose and tight nuts and bolts, basic hand tools are required. 

350 Chevy engine Rebuild Process Initial Step:

Before you start to build a 350 Chevy engine, you must have complete knowledge of how to rebuild it. Read service and rebuild manuals guides. Focus on the initial step on how to rebuild an engine. If you are rebuilding a 350 horsepower engine and don’t know the initial steps to rebuild it, it can create a mess. 

Engine Disassembling

After reading the engine rebuild guide, it is the right time to start your work over the engine. The second step to disassemble the engine. Engine hoist is needed to separate the engine from its base. All possible accessories that need to disassemble will be taken out of the engine base. Just like a water pump, power steering pump, air conditioner, pulley, and alternator. The engine valve is also removed. Pistons and rods are also set apart from the engine. The engine parts are then labeled so that if any of the parts are misplaced, you can easily find them, clean them, fix them and in the end reassemble them. By using engine bolts, valve covers are being removed. 

Engine Oil Drainage

Engine oil drainage is very important. Even if you do not perform the engine rebuild process, every car user must keep an eye if the engine oil is dirty and carbonated. Poor and black oil fill with carbon can minimize and destroy the efficiency of the engine. 350 Chevy engine needs fender covers so that the engine oil can drain from the engine. Remember always drain the coolant and oil in completely separate drain pans. If you mix them both, the recycling process of the oil becomes difficult. But it is always recommended to use new engine oil. 

Processing the Engine Parts

After disassembling and cleaning engine parts, now it’s time to process the engine parts for the engine rebuild process. The mechanic made every possible step to make your engine work perfectly. Machining is a part of the engine rebuild process. The crankshaft is ground, and the block of the engine is honed. The space from where the oil passes, its passage will be micro-polished. The process also includes setting the gearbox, fixing and checking the pressure plates, so that the engine runs smoothly. After perfect inspection and tuning, the engine parts are ready to reassemble once again. 

Reassembling and Testing of the Engine Parts

Now it’s time to reassemble all the engine parts. Few engine parts, if necessary, will be installed new, such as gaskets. If the gasket is burned, then a new gasket is required. Bearings, Seals, and timing belts sometimes do not work, It’s better to replace them with a new one. Reassembling process once done now it’s time to test the engine parts. The test is performed to check if the engine oil and compression are all set or not. A Head gasket is installed. If any amendment is required, the mechanic will start to work over it. 

Taking Everything Into Account

Once all the engine parts are reassembled and testing is done. The engine parts are managed to reinstall into the engine. Yes, your 350 horsepower engine rebuild is successfully done. You can now enjoy your perfect drive and can experience good engine health. Do not forget to ask your mechanic if he is having the experience to rebuild the 350 Chevy engine. The exhaust and electric connections are removed at the initial step just to avoid any mishap during the rebuild process. Every engine part before reassembles and installs into the engine is oiled. So that greater lubrication and shine can give the engine a new look. Remember, search for the best engine re-builders in town because your engine is your journey partner. 

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