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Engagement Proposals Ideas

Did You Know this fact about Ring Fingers?

Placing the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand was symbolic. It connected the ring to the vein that led to the heart. It signified the special bond between the wearer, the gift, and the one who gives it.

In earlier times, every ritual and every accessory had specific meanings. The relationships were also static. Today, many things have changed. The new has replaced the old. Traditions have given way to modernism.

How Can I Propose To My Girlfriend?

Today rings exchange fingers, but they all carry different meanings. However, the feeling is still eternal. Pairs-in-love still prefer to gift this unique piece of jewel to show their love and oneness.

Romantic Proposal Ideas for Marriage

Let’s See How Things Work, Then and Now:

1 – About the Wedding Rings

Since time immemorial, wedding rings adorn the fourth finger. This finger belongs essentially to the left hand. This system is more prevalent in countries like America and Britain. However, there is no fixed rule. One is free to wear it on the right hand also. It all depends upon the choice of the wearer.

Many lovey-dovey pairs in some European states wear the ring in the right hand. So, you see, it all depends on individual styles.

In a country like the United States, the left hand is not considered impure.

However, the wearing of the commitment ring is very popular with some groups. You may find it more widespread in the LGBT community.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

The members of this group find this idea very appealing. They hold it close to their heart. It also shows that they favor following traditions.

Same-gender couples prefer this system very much. They chose to wear a commitment ring in their right hand also. They like this type of commitment jewelry. However, with the passing of laws in their favor, they are more open to marriages now. And a wedding band is the fashion now. They have every right to wear this piece of adornments on their left or right-hand fingers, as they like.

Some folks even find better replacements for their commitment pieces. If both the essential accessories are identical or matching, nothing can be as promising.

All the effects lie in how this simple piece of jewelry holds importance. For some, it is the ultimate symbol of love and lasting affection.

2 – About the Engagement Ring

The ritual of presenting the ring dates back to the fifteenth century. What is more appealing is that both the men and the women wore the ring. Gradually, this system lost its appeal. Today, one can see only the women wearing a ring after getting engaged. The men do not wear them.

However, the system is back in fashion among same-sex couples. Men in a same-sex relationship have started the trend of wearing the adornment on their fingers.

Many European couples keep the rings on getting married in their right hand. They shift the betrothal piece of jewelry to the left, and then move it to the right. On the other hand, some in-love couples in the southern states of America wear bands as proposal rings on the right and then shift it to the left after the ceremony is over.

In Sweden, the brides prefer special bridal sets that are a unique combination of three rings- engagement, wedding, and motherhood.

Wedding Proposal Ideas at Home

Choose a beautiful ring to support your engagement proposals ideas.

About Promise Rings

Wearing of promise ring is also an ancient custom. It dates back to the Roman era. Then, the rings were of ordinary iron metal. Later, English and French’ posie’ rings followed this system. The promise rings serve different purposes.

However, one can wear the ring on any finger that one may please. Any finger can serve as the designated finger. No matter which finger you wear this piece of jewelry, it holds the same sacred meaning. It displays love and affection in every way.

About Not Wearing Rings 

Ring or no ring, love is always there. You can express your feelings in more than one way. You have many options to declare your undying love and lasting commitment. You can choose not to wear a ring at all. It won’t make a difference to your caring. You can use a tattoo if you like the bohemian streak. Get inked on the ring fingers, left or right hand. However, you have to take extreme care in this exercise while selecting the right spot in the right vein.

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To Conclude

Diamond engagement rings are the best way to show your love and commitment. On which finger to adorn the piece depends on the wearer. The choices are unlimited, but the underlying affection will always remain the same.

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