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AI technologies
By NITI SHARMA 2,995 views

Top 5 AI Technologies Shaping Tomorrow’s World

AI or Artificial Intelligence has transformed the whole picture of the technology sector through its assistance in helping organizations achieve all their aims and goals, taking important decisions, and in developing new goods and services. By 2022, all the major companies across the globe have been predicted to adapt AI technologies, to expand their business. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning industry are also expected to expand by at least 44 percent CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) and have a market value of 9 billion USD, by the time 2022 arrives.

By 2045, AI is expected to surpass human intelligence. A huge number of advancements have already been observed in the AI education and machine learning industry, and only promises of even greater changes can be expected from the upcoming era. So gear yourself up, as in this article we will be sharing with you the top 5 AI technologies that shall be taking over the business sector by storm in 2022!

Marketing automation is the process through which software is leveraged in order to automatically carry out tedious and repetitive marketing tasks.  Through the help of AI tools, marketers can get a look at previously unavailable insightful data and patterns that will help them get new leads and nurture them, mostly via integrations with a CRM or customer relationship management, and CDP or customer data platform software. Through the help of AI, marketers can also automate and personalize their marketing content and messages according to the wishes of the customer.

The many benefits of marketing automation make it a big business for marketers and vendors. In 2018, Adobe acquired Marketo, a marketing automation provider for an astounding 4.75 billion USD considering the future orientation of automation in marketing and the kind of dependability organizations will have to market their products and reach their TG. Not only that, by the time it is 2027, the market size of marketing automation is expected to reach 8.42 billion USD, growing to a CAGR of 9.8 percent, as per the predictions made by a researchandmarkets.com report.

  • Virtual Reality

In the last few years, the need for new and catchy shopping experiences has grown drastically. Customer behavior towards online retail has changed, Gen Z and millennials are always on the lookout for ways through which they can interact with the products virtually before they purchase them. With the help of AI in virtual reality, consumers can get a look at an immersive virtual world wherein they can quickly find the product that they need and try them on to know if it is worth purchasing or not before they complete the transaction. Through the help of AI in VR, consumers are offered a whole new level of satisfactory customer experience, thus making the process of converting a prospect into a buyer even easier! Artificial Intelligence certifications equip you with the knowledge and skills required to get a grasp on these technologies!

  • Augmented Reality

A great invention of technology is AR or augmented reality. It has proven to be extremely efficient and effective when it comes to reaching new heights of consumer satisfaction. Thus it gives us all the more reasons to keep high expectations for the near future. When AR is infused with AI technologies, it will reduce the rate of returned items by giving the consumer a realistic glimpse of the product that they are about to purchase, its size, exact color, texture, and how the product will look within their homes.

The furniture giant IKEA has started implementing augmented reality with AI technologies to ensure that the consumers are getting a realistic vision of their furniture. Their AR app allows the user to measure the dimensions of their home along with the sizes of other furniture to figure out how the particular piece of furniture that the user is looking at, will fit into their home environment.

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning has been set to go through a huge number of changes in 2022, one of this being hyper-automation. It is the process through which advanced technologies are utilized in order to automate tasks. Today more and more companies have started to work with a huge amount of data, and the process of data extraction requires automation. Thus AI and machine learning are being used by organizations to conduct researches that will boost up the bottom line. A few of the advanced hyper-automation technologies are Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cognitive process automation, and Intelligent Business Process Management Software (iBPMS). Thus if the right technologies are combined with one another, in order to provide better customer support which involves answering customer questions, queries, and emails, improve employee productivity by automating the tedious processes, and integrating the system.

  • Content Creation

AI in content creation means that the machine will be coming up with content for you. Standing in today’s time, AI content creation mostly means written content such as in the form of blogs, articles, marketing copies, and so on. However, by 2022, AI has started showing promises in coming up with innovative audio and video content as well. All the human being has to do is give the AI a proper prompt, description, along with all the other parameters. The machine will automatically come up with the content for you, often in a span of a few minutes or even seconds!  Thus, as a result, you can often come up with many pieces of content far faster than you can with human content writers and producers alone.

Importance of AI Skills and Certifications –

The AI or Artificial Intelligence industry has been growing at a drastic rate and has only been showing promises become even bigger. Now more than ever both companies and individuals have started to realize the many benefits that come with AI technologies, and AI has been started to be implemented in more and more business processes with every passing day. Thus, it is needless to mention that while the industry is growing at such a steady and rapid pace, there has also been an increase in the demands of AI-qualified individuals. AI is a broad term and to understand all the tools and skills properly, you need to have a proper AI education, provided by an AI certifications course. We hope that this article has helped you out!

Niti Sharma

Niti Sharma is a professional writer, a blogger who writes for a variety of online publications. She is also an acclaimed blogger outreach expert and content marketer. She loves writing blogs and promoting websites related to the education and technology sectors.