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electric screwdriver set
By SHASHI RANJAN 880 views

Air-powered Grinders are taking over the Electric ones in Modern Industries

Be it foundries, platforms, shipyards or any other place of construction, electric screwdriver set along with powerful grinders are impossible to work without. Due to high producing and populated economies worldwide, the consumption of different goods has increased to a marked level. And to deliver such kind of huge demand, industries need polished tools which offer robust mastery on workpieces and easy maintenance. 

Whenever a real estate firm decides to build a new apartment or simply you are getting your floor repaired, you need cutting edge tools for better finishing and output. And to provide you with the same, science and technology are working day and night to bring the best performance at workplaces.  

The huge requirement of precision has also led to an increase in costs of this equipment like the price of screwdrivers, grinders and other tools. Therefore, it is needed that tools are designed taking feasibility of repair in mind.  

Talking specifically about the grinders, these are tools used in cutting, polishing and chipping the required workpieces. They work by using a rotary motor that drives the cutter or scrubber which with the help of friction gives out the required result. However, due to the long term use their parts worn off and machinery gets less productive. Many electric grinders boast of powerful wattage and low-cost repairing, but their heavy use in industries produces heating and consumption anomalies.  

Therefore, an economical and innovative alternative to the electric grinder is the air-powered grinder. It may be difficult to imagine how air can provide with the horsepower electricity does. But surprisingly air powered grinders are better at handling tough tasks than their counterparts.  

Advantages of Air powered grinders over Electric grinders

 1.Averts risk of electric shock  

Grinders are used in the most vulnerable environments that are, inflammable lubricants, air filled with vapour or materials that are conducting in nature. Therefore, this poses a risk of electric shock or fire at use. On the other hand, Air grinders don’t have any electricity generation; thus, they are safer for the workers and factories.  

 2.Super economical and high power at hand  

As the efficiency of electric motors is at most 50 to 60 percent, the power delivered at the spindle differs from that across the motor. But with the airflow technology, full power is conveyed from the motor to spindle reducing energy loss and offering more power.  

 3.Better adaptability  

Air grinders come in with a governor that is a lever like structure regulating airflow inside the machine. It opens and closes according to the required force at the spindle making losses due to idling or overuse negligible.  

4. 100 percent duty cycle and fewer service costs  

The product is designed in a way so that there is no accumulation of debris inside the machinery. Housing is typically more durable than the plastic used in the electric grinders and repair requirement is somewhere after 200 to 2000 hours depending upon the usage in garage or industry, respectively.  

Hence, air-powered grinders are holistically better candidates for high-quality grinding needs of the industries.    

Shashi Ranjan

Hi i am Shashi Ranjan, I am talented and experienced digital marketing professional and SEO specialist and also a prolific blogger. I am committed to assist the businesses to succeed in an increasingly technological environment.