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Managing Your Human Capital
By MANOJ RANA 2,158 views

Alan Oviatt – For Effectively Managing Your Human Capital

Employee esteem is indeed a valuable asset and one of the finest investments for any eminent brand. Appreciation provides an upsurge in the employee’s value, resulting in a natural progression for the overall workforce. However, reinforcing positive supervision of workers in a well-known organization is more of a hassle for employers.

Lumesse`s survey, comprised of 1293 HR leaders, concludes that 52% of respondents concur about their management role requiring a higher level of complexity.

Supervision of human capital doesn’t have to be challenging. Following are a few simple yet effective ways from Alan Oviatt that support developing the workforce, retaining employees, and making employers’ jobs a little bit easier:

Individual Employee Profile

Effective supervision of employees in an escalating organization is not an easy feat, particularly when workers can`t connect a name to a face. Creating an individual employee profile made it easy to know employees. Regardless of the platform used, these profiles are useful according to Alan Oviatt in effectively managing human capital, enabling managers to store information in one place. Also, it encourages  an employee’s sociability and feelings of camaraderie among their group members.

Facilitate an Onboarding System

The onboarding process of integrating new employees into an organization demands that an effective workflow to onboarding takes place. Fortunately, with recent advancements in technology, the process of human capital management has been simplified, helping employers – store, track and manage new hire paperwork, create new hire tasks and monitor progress, and foster socialization through online portals.

Apart from traditional onboarding, automated onboarding methods can be used and referred to as often as needed – reducing both the time and expense to an organization during the integration process.

Execute Feedback Culture

Before the actual execution of an annual performance review, it’s significant to effectively manage it. Unfortunately, there countless things that need to be done to prepare performance appraisals for better supervision of employees.

In startups, managers must review processes, keeping them as elementary as possible. Questioning employees and targeting core competencies can be a key element in ensuring the right person is in the right position, just as allowing them to question processes and workflows will help build a more long-term strategic advantage.

Alan Oviatt says, “Incorporate a regular feedback culture, including – self-ratings, peer reviews, and manager assessments into the HCM system”. Feedback from the workforce and their peer employees will provide a perspective on performance managers might not otherwise see.

Automating a portion of the performance review process with software or online portals such as employee Intranets, enables managers to focus on other aspects of HCM.

Offer Flexible PTO

A new concept in the corporate world – offering flexible paid time-off.  According to the Society for Human Resource Management, only 1 percent of U.S. companies currently offer any kind of adjustable PTO.

Flexible PTO eliminates the tiresome process of calculating vacation accrual and tracking an employee’s time off. In addition, it appeals more to newcomer – improving their performance and optimism.

Mobility in the Workplace   

These days, operation through mobile applications is intensifying in the workplace. The use of the mobile workplace has helped enhance the employee management experience.

This mobility has enabled employees to work from anywhere, anytime. It simplifies communication within the workplace by encouraging reporting and feedback and removing time zone and location barriers. By virtue of mobile tools, both the employers and employees can accommodate their personal and professional lives as needed.

Manoj Rana

I have 7+ year Experience in Digital Marketing and Online Reputation Management. SEO is heart of internet searching as well as mine also. Every time found new opportunity to develop my knowledge and feel good when achieve this challenge.