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applicant tracking system
By PRAKASH VERMA 2,364 views

6 Reasons Why Applicant Tracking System is Important for Organization

The success of your business may depend on your ability to hire the ideal applicant. Yet the hiring procedure takes time and resources. An applicant tracking system streamlines many of the hassles. These are involved in the hiring process to make it more effective and efficient. It allows you to concentrate on selecting the finest candidates.

An online applicant tracking system is what? It serves as a central repository for all data related to finding and monitoring your candidate pipeline. In essence, it facilitates the simultaneous organization and analysis of several applications. An applicant tracking system is with you from the minute someone applies to long after their first day of work. With features like one-click job postings, interview scheduling tools, approval flows, employee onboarding, and document management.

Let’s look more closely at the advantages of this kind of system. How it can help you and your business save time and money.

Save time and resources

Setting up and managing your applicant pipeline can be complicated and time-consuming. It requires you to schedule numerous stakeholders at once. You will trawl through your inboxes looking for the appropriate attachment. An ATS removes the busywork from recruiting by offering simple-to-use tools. These tools cut out steps you don’t need to take and help you didn’t know you needed.

Time is saved at every stage because of the structure an application tracking system provides. It differs from the freedom to create templated, specific hiring processes. These can be utilized in other departments or throughout the interview process for adding approval flows to the system. Integrated calendars also make it easy to view everyone’s availability. The scheduling process will become easier.

A small internal team can help a much larger work environment to complete the task correctly and on schedule with support from the digital side.

Candidate management in one location

It can be challenging to keep track of your talent pool when recruiting, particularly when doing so for several roles at once. There is a reason why an ATS is used by more than 98 percent of Fortune 500 firms. Your recruiting process is kept structured by having one single location for all of your candidate information. You may customize your view of prospects using filters that organize them by categories. An HR ATS Software lets you create reports for things like candidate comments. you can share these comments with important decision-makers.

More than just keeping you sane, being able to see all of your candidates at a glance. It might help you spot trends that will improve the success of your upcoming recruiting campaigns. You will be able to determine where your greatest talent is coming from. Which job ads are attracting the most interest with the help of a tool like this.

Easy job posting

Casting a wide net need not need constantly revise job postings. You may post job vacancies to numerous networks at once. With the correct applicant tracking system, you can save time. It provides valuable information about which channels attract the best candidates. The recruitment marketing software allows you to focus your marketing budget where it makes the most sense.

You may put more work into developing job descriptions that will draw the best candidates to your company. With time and effort, you’ll save on producing and managing your postings.

Simplifies employee onboarding

After hiring the best people, it’s time to provide them with a fantastic onboarding experience. 69 percent of employees are more likely to stay with a business for three years. If they had a positive onboarding experience, according to information compiled by SHRM and allied companies in the HR sector. In fact, the onboarding process begins for the majority of successful businesses before day one.

33 percent of HR managers’ time is spent on payroll and administrative tasks. It leaves less time for strategy, training, and interaction with employees. In an employee’s central profile, along with details like their benefits, are applicant tracking systems, document management tools for electronically signing and archiving paperwork or e-verifying important documents like background checks.

Routine chores that are not necessary can lead to occupational stress, which can have a severe impact on one’s physical and mental health. You can both move on to more urgent responsibilities by streamlining paperwork and making it simple for you and your new staff to sign and complete agreements.

Increase compliance with hiring

Company compliance is the final significant administrative hurdle—and a very crucial one—after an employee is onboarded and all the paperwork is resolved. Automating the process makes sure you’re never behind on your legal obligations because staying in compliance with all forms, laws, and regulations may be a full-time job in and of itself.


Your firm will benefit greatly from integrating efficiency tools with recruitment software, such as an applicant tracking system, into your workplace. Keeping tasks organized and clear and getting rid of time-wasting busy work that can fill your day, will first lessen the likelihood that an employee will become burned out. They will feel more content at work and their hours will be worth more because happy, enthusiastic employees are more productive.

Prakash Verma