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Ali Wong Net Worth
By LARREN SMITH 294 views

Ali Wong Net Worth-Exploring the Wealth of a Hilarious Comedian

Ever since Ali Wong’s breakthrough appearance on American Housewife, we have been massive fans of her work. With the success of her rom-com Always Be My Maybe and her stand-up specials on Netflix, she has established herself as a comedic actor in Hollywood.

Recently, Ali Wong has been in the spotlight for her new dramedy series, Beef, and it seems her career is only going up. This raises the question, how have these successful projects impacted Ali Wong net worth? Read on for more information.

Early life of Ali Wong

Born on April 19th, 1982, in San Francisco to her physician father Adolphus Wong, Alexandra Wong has emerged as a phenomenal American comedian, captivating audiences with her unmatched wit and humor.  After pursuing Asian American Studies at UCLA, she embarked on a journey as a stand-up comedian, honing her craft and gaining recognition.

The spotlight shone on Wong when Variety recognized her as one of the “10 Comics to Watch” in 2011. Her brilliant appearance on John Oliver’s “The Tonight Show” further demonstrated her tremendous skill and solidified her position as a formidable comic force.

Ali Wong Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth reports that the estimated net worth of the accomplished actress, comedian, and writer is around $4 million. Her significant wealth is a result of her successful career in stand-up comedy and acting, as anticipated.

Ali Wong’s Netflix Comedy Specials Heat Up the Screen

Don’t miss out on the hilariously witty and talented queen of comedy, Ali Wong, whose latest Netflix comedy special, “Beef”, has recently taken the streaming world by storm.

beef netflix

If you have only recently discovered Ali Wong’s talents, you have missed out on her three already successful Netflix comedy specials: “Ali Wong: Baby Cobra,” “Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife,” and “Ali Wong: Dong Wong.” Stream them all for a hearty laugh and to experience her comedic genius.

Profits from Her Netflix Specials

Ali Wong’s comedic brilliance shines through her three highly acclaimed comedy specials on Netflix: Baby Cobra, Hard Knock Wife, and Don Wong. While the exact figures for her earnings from the first two specials remain undisclosed, their immense success sparked a fierce bidding war between streaming giants Netflix and HBO for her next venture.

Reports suggest that HBO offered Wong a jaw-dropping sum exceeding $10 million for a single special, a testament to her undeniable talent. However, Wong ultimately chose to remain loyal to Netflix, striking a deal worth a staggering eight figures. The precise net worth she amassed from these ventures remains a well-guarded secret, but one thing is certain—Ali Wong’s comedic genius has proven not only uproariously funny but also incredibly lucrative.

Acting Career and its Contribution to Ali Wong Net Worth

Ali Wong has made a name for herself in the acting world with an impressive list of credits dating back to her 2011 appearance on Fox’s Breaking In. From there, Wong has gone on to work on several hit shows including Black Box, American Housewife, and Love, Victor, alongside movies such as Onward, Birds of Prey, and Always Be My Maybe. 

Although her salary for these projects has not been officially confirmed, Wong served as an actor, writer, and producer for Always Be My Maybe, a smash success. The movie was watched by 32 million families on Netflix in the first four weeks after its release. In addition, Birds of Prey grossed an impressive $205.3 million at the box office, leaving us to imagine that Wong’s net worth likely saw a boost with each paycheck.

Earnings from ‘Beef’ and its Contributions to Ali Wong Net Worth

Although Ali Wong’s exact earnings from her Netflix show ‘Beef‘ have never been made public, fans can safely assume that her long-standing relationship with the streaming giant is paying off big time. It’s likely that the actress is earning at least six figures from the show.

If you haven’t watched it yet, ‘Beef’ is a dark comedy that revolves around the intense feud between two strangers who were involved in a road rage incident. As one of Netflix’s many hit shows, its success has undoubtedly contributed to the significant rise in Ali Wong’s already impressive net worth.

Ali Wong Net Worth and Side Projects

Ali Wong, who is very wealthy, lives in Los Angeles. In 2014, she and her former husband Justin Hakuta bought a $1.1 million home there. The property was sold for $1.9 million in 2021, according to Zillow.

Ali is also an author; in 2019, she published her book Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets, and Advice For Living Your Best Life. With its instant rise to New York Times Best Seller status, it’s safe to assume that it provides a decent source of passive income to her already impressive net worth.

Bottom Line

Ali Wong’s comedic talents have earned her a net worth of around $4 million, thanks to her successful career in stand-up comedy, acting, and writing. Her Netflix comedy specials, including the recent hit “Beef”, have proven to be incredibly lucrative.

Additionally, Wong has expanded her career with her book Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets, and Advice For Living Your Best Life, which became an instant New York Times Best Seller. From her LA home to her various side projects, Ali Wong net worth is a testament to her comedic genius.

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